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Birthday Bash


広島&シサイ 090-a      After the Sisay’s party (!1D0F2197A6F55843!4076.entry), I headed for another party on January 30. M’s birthday party. Actually, it was for not only M but also J. Although I had never seen J, I was just taking M’s class that week. M gave his students a flier about his and J’s birthday party after class. According M, their friends have a birthday party for them every year. I decided to drop in the party because the bar and the Sisay’s party place are in the same area, Sakae.広島&シサイ 092-a

     I would have never had a chance to enter the building unless the party had been there. It was an old and narrow place, and stood in the downtown obscurely. It was difficult to find where the entrance is. It seemed to refuse people other than some regulars. At last, I found out an old, small, and a kind of creepy elevator. I got it on gingerly…The elevator sopped and opened the door when I saw that bar in the dark. Bar Ade. 広島&シサイ 094

     Took a tentative step into the bar, I was surprised. Is it in Japan? I thought. There were many foreigners inside and everyone was speaking English. Although I learn English, I could hardly understand what they were talking. But I was relieved soon because most of them spoke to me in Japanese! So, it was no problem to order my drink.

     Look at this picture. It may look like a clip of a horror film, but it’s the scene that a birthday cake for M just came to the table. And then, another birthday cake for J appeared. Everyone looked happy! I had a good time, too! Happy birthday to M & J!広島&シサイ 097-a

Sisay’s Party at Gary’s


広島&シサイ 060-a

     Spring has come with Japanese cedar pollens and yellow sand from the Gobi desert…I have a hay fever…It’s a little bit tough time for me in the spring though cheery blossoms are beautiful and the wind smells nice…You may have thought I’m going to write something about spring, but I’m about to write about an event in the winter.広島&シサイ 059

     There was a party at Gary’s in Sakae on January 30. Hmm…sounds cold…brrr…Yeah, it was cold outside that day, but inside of the party room was really hot! The party was held by Sisay, the Ecuadorian band. More than 100 fans of the group got together.  広島&シサイ 074-a

     I saw a long line for entering when I arrived at the bar. The line was becoming shorter little by little after the estimated time of beginning. I was wondering why people couldn’t go into the place easier. I understood the reason when I came to the entrance. The bar is on the basement, and people had to go down the narrow stairs in the dim light. Besides, the members of Sisay were standing on the both side of the stairs and shaking hands with all the participants! 広島&シサイ 071

     There had already been an air of excitement inside the bar before the party. Luckily I was able to take a seat near the buffet counter (It was easier to get food!) and the backstage (I saw members many time). There were lots of delicious food, a small performance, time for talking to members and other fans, games and dance time in the party. 広島&シサイ 083-a    

     Most of the participants danced together! That was really exciting and fun! Cesar, one of the members, had a terrible cold at that time, but he tried to smile and let fans enjoy. He looked very tired…Thank to him, other members, staff, and other fans! I had a really good time!広島&シサイ 088

     After the party, I was supposed to take part in another party! Yeah, many people call me a party person! Anyway, I happened to see a street performance. It was a rock group of young people. Their performance, especially the vocalist’s powerful songs, attracted me. I was dancing while listening to their music before I knew it. The band’s name is Eve X Scaptive, which often play in Kanayama. I was so happy to have listened to nice music after the wonderful party!