Have you ever tasted Ugandan coffee? Yes, I have! Here in Japan! The other day I had an opportunity to have lunch and coffee at a Ugandan café named ZICOFE in Nisshin. They offer special lunch set every day.

     I had a fish stew, beans curry, fried rice, chapattTS3N0494i, and cornmeal bread named ugali for lunch that day. I’d thought the lunch might be spicy because it looked like Indian, or Indonesian, or Thai food, but it wasn’t. It was really mild. Of course, it was very delicious! TS3N0495

     They served ice cream for dessert and coffee. The coffee was really nice. Their coffee is organic and high quality. How much do you think the lunch set including dessert and organic coffee costs? It’s just 980 yen! But I paid only 800 yen that day because they offered lunch for the price during January. Yaaay! TS3N0496

     ZICOFE opens at six in the morning. They have breakfast special as well. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and of course, dinner at the café. Why don’t you visit there and try their food and delicious coffee once?

ZICOFE : 2-152 Higashiyama, Nisshin, Aichi


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