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Trip to Hiroshima 2 : Itsukushima


広島&シサイ 033      Next day (About the previous day’s trip is here :!1D0F2197A6F55843!4034.entry), Aya, Naka and I went to Itsukushima, which is commonly known as Miyajima. It’s an island located in the northwest of Hiroshima Bay. The island is one of Three Views of Japan, and is famous for a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Itsukushima Jinja Shrine. The shrine is on the surface of the sea and is very beautiful. 広島&シサイ 034

     The island itself used to be worshipped and a shrine existed at least 1,400 years ago. The beautiful symmetrical shrine was established in 1168. I’d wanted to go there for a long time. I remembered getting excited when I saw the red gate far away from the ship…広島&シサイ 035

     There were many deer in the island, and they welcomed tourists. Those deer in the island are considered messengers of God. Some deer, however, looked like robberies…In fact, it has been reported recently that many tourists, especially elderly people, have got injured by their attack unfortunately…But most of them appeared to move through days leisurely… 広島&シサイ 036

     The shrine was really beautiful. I’m sorry, but I cannot express how wonderful it is…If you have never been there and have got interested in the shrine, you should go there once! I’d love to go to the island again soon!広島&シサイ 039

     I was very impressed to visit there even in the winter this time, but I would have got moved to tears if I had been there in the fall. The island is famous for the beautiful autumn colors of the maple trees. That is why many shops sell sweets maple-leaf-shaped cake called “momiji-manju”. You can eat smoking hot ones in the island. 広島&シサイ 052

     We had oysters and eels for lunch because they are Hiroshima’s specialties. They were delicious! I saw many interesting, historical, and beautiful things and tasted many delicious local foods on the trip. I was very happy to visit Kure and Miyajima this time. Naka and I were going home relaxing after saying goodbye to Aya that evening, but we didn’t have it so easily…広島&シサイ 054

     The Shink we were in stopped running in Osaka because of an accident in Kanagawa. The power broke down because a train had cut the wire and it had caused a fire. About 150,000 people were affected by the accident. And I was one of them. All passengers had to get off the train there. 広島&シサイ 055

     Luckily trains began running while Naka and I were wondering how to go back to Nagoya in Osaka. But it was really crowded in Nozomi with many people in a hurry. So we decided to use Kodama, with which it took much time than Nozomi because it stops at every station, instead of jammed Nozomi. It was quite comfortable to ride in the train fortunately. The trip to Hiroshima was wonderful!

Trip to Hiroshima 1 : Kure


広島&シサイ 017

     Do you know Hiroshima’s okonomiyaki has noodle inside? Actually I hadn’t known that until I tried in Hiroshima the other day! That was my first trip to Hiroshima. Naka, a friend of mine, who lives in Ogaki and I visited a common friend, Aya, to Kure, Hiroshima at the end of last month. 

     Naka and I got to Kure around noon. Aya brought us to an okonomiyaki restaurant for lunch. By the way, do you know what okonomiyaki is? It’s a kind of pancake, but not sweet. It usually has egg, cabbage and pork. Some say it is Japanese pizza. Okonomiyaki is a common food, and you can try anywhere in Japan, but the taste is a little bit different in each area. Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima has usually noodle inside, and the sauce is a kind of sweet. That one I tried this time was really delicious! 広島&シサイ 002

     After lunch, Naka said, “I wanna a coffee!” So did I! Aya brought us to a coffee been shop, then. The shop is not a café, but they sell coffee with paper cups. I saw many people enjoying coffee on benches outside the shop when we were approaching. But we didn’t buy coffee outside, and entered the shop instead because Aya said, “We may get sample coffee inside.” 

     There were many kinds of coffee beans in the shop. A woman came and gave me a sample coffee smiling when I was looking around. She showed in a strong interest in coffee shops in Nagoya when she knew I came from the place. Nagoya is famous for large number of coffee shops and a huge variety of their services. You know, I love coffee. I enjoyed talking to her about cafés.広島&シサイ 004

     I bought a special set, which had three kinds of blended coffee, there. One of the three is the shop’s famous “Kaigun-san-no-kohi”, or coffee in the navy. 

     According to the woman, the shop used to be a café. One day, an elderly man came and told her father-in-law about coffee which he would drink in the navy in the war era, sipping coffee. Her father-in-law got interested in the coffee and began to recreate it with his wife through a trial and error process. The old navy coffee has brought many customers to the shop, and which has changed to a coffee beans shop. “Kaigun-san-no-kohi” is deep-roast coffee, and tastes quite nice. The coffee beens shop is Subaru Coffee. Their webpage is here:広島&シサイ 057

     The place Aya brought us next was a small stall selling sweets in the same area. The sweet is called “Fried cake”, is a kind of doughnut. It was delicious, but sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! We should have had coffee after eating the cake!広島&シサイ 005-a

     We went to a museum of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force. It is called “Tetsu-no-kujira”, or iron whale. As you see, it has a submarine as an exhibition.

     The main exhibits are about minesweeping. You can see and touch a real submarine as well. We’ve learned about minesweeping and submarines through two volunteer guides, who are ex-officials. If you’re interested in the museum, look at the page: 広島&シサイ 010


     At night, we enjoyed Kure specialties! Look at the photos! “I’m full!” 広島&シサイ 014-x.jpg-b




広島&シサイ 018




To be continued later…




     Have you ever tasted Ugandan coffee? Yes, I have! Here in Japan! The other day I had an opportunity to have lunch and coffee at a Ugandan café named ZICOFE in Nisshin. They offer special lunch set every day.

     I had a fish stew, beans curry, fried rice, chapattTS3N0494i, and cornmeal bread named ugali for lunch that day. I’d thought the lunch might be spicy because it looked like Indian, or Indonesian, or Thai food, but it wasn’t. It was really mild. Of course, it was very delicious! TS3N0495

     They served ice cream for dessert and coffee. The coffee was really nice. Their coffee is organic and high quality. How much do you think the lunch set including dessert and organic coffee costs? It’s just 980 yen! But I paid only 800 yen that day because they offered lunch for the price during January. Yaaay! TS3N0496

     ZICOFE opens at six in the morning. They have breakfast special as well. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and of course, dinner at the café. Why don’t you visit there and try their food and delicious coffee once?

ZICOFE : 2-152 Higashiyama, Nisshin, Aichi