The Year-End Karaoke Party in 2009



     Probably last December was the third year to have had an annual karaoke party at the end of the year. Men and women, young and old, enjoyed singing songs together at the small karaoke room in spite of that almost of them never met before. Songs must have magic power. I had a great time.TS3N0452-a

     The participants sang various songs most of which were English, but some sang in Japanese, Korean, French, or Spanish. Wow! Everyone was a good entertainer! It was wonderful that others sang together when someone sang well-known songs, too. TS3N0463-a

     Most of the participants were my classmates, but one of them brought his wife, and she gave all of us rice cake pounded in the morning. That rice cake was really delicious.

     Actually, it was the first time for her to come to karaoke! I wonder whether she’s had a good time at her first karaoke experience. I hope not only she but also all of the participants enjoyed the karaoke party!


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