New Year’s Day




     It was really cold on New Year’s Day. It was snowing in the morning here in Nagoya. I walked to the bus stop to get on an expressway bus for Nagoya Station in the snow that early morning. I was going to Tokyo to see my family there. Unfortunately it was a notice that said “The bus is not running now because of the snow,” that I found when I got to the bus stop.  TS3N0466

     What? There was no mention about the cancellation on the web page of the bus company when I had checked before leaving home! What shall I do? I decided to use other transportation and began walking to another bus stop in the heavy snow.

     Luckily, I was able to go to Nagoya Station because the city buses and the subway lines were operated as usual. Shinkansen trains, however, were late with the heavy snowfall. The train I got on had to stop once to remove snow at Toyohashi Station or something on the way to Tokyo. TS3N0468

     But I couldn’t believe my eyes when the train passed through Shizuoka. It was clear up in the sky and there was no snow anywhere out of the window. Where was the snow gone? Anyway, I was able to see Mt. Fuji through the train window. I got to feel better while seeing the beautiful mountain,

     It was not so cold and there was no snow in Tokyo when I arrive there. My family was really surprised to hear from me about the snowfall in Nagoya. I spent the New Year holidays relaxing with my family in Tokyo.


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