Native Evolution




     I can’t move! I was looking enviously down at the excitement on the floor from the narrow lighting and stage operation room on the second floor. There was a Sisay’s 15th anniversary concert at Diamond Hall in Nagoya on January 16. My seat was not on the normal floor, but in the lighting and stage operation room. I couldn’t move freely because I was sitting next to staffers who were controlling the stage in the narrow place.  TS3N0471

     Although I couldn’t stand up or dancing during the concert, I had a special experience at the place. You know, I was sitting with staffers. There was filled with a feeling of tension in the lighting room before the concert. Looking down the audience and hearing babble of voices from underneath in the darkness, I felt like as if I was one of the staffers with real staff at the room. I was relieved when the show began.

     Sisay is an Ecuadorian folklore music band. I don’t know exactly how many members belong to Sisay, but they are usually divided into two groups and perform in Korea and Japan each. Japan Sisay usually plays music by five or six members. But there are 12 players at the concert! The sound by the many musicians was really wonderful!  TS3N0470

     They played music as follows: Sanjuanito Medley, Carnaval de la Feria, Arrepentimiento, Saya Medley, Pasillo Medley, Se Fue, Nadie Como Yo, Taran Tella, Dos Plumas, Under the Moon, Tejiendo Nubes, Entre el Tiempo y la Distancia, Fiesta de mi Pueblo, Es mi Tierra, De Donde Vengo, Bomba Mix. All members of Sisay and the audience were so exited! I, of course, had a wonderful time!


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