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New Year Party at Mairo



     Have you ever heard of a “participatory bakery”? I know one. It’s Mairo! The bakery shop is very small, but has big potential. They have had many interesting events, especially costume parties in the fall, on Halloween, and on Christmas. This time they had a New Year Party on 23. I, of course, took part in it.

   Their parties have always themes. This time, the New Year Party’s theme was “Japanese-style”. The bakery staffers and most participants wore something Japanese. I put on an old Japanese pattern vest and an accessory.


       Japanese people used to write letters which express New Year or their New Year’s resolution with brush and ink on January first. So did the participants this time.



   We kneaded dough for dumplings together and made oshiruko, or red bean drink. That was fun! Of course, the oshiruko was very nice!



    Lots of delicious foods and drinks. Chattering with friends and playing games together. I had a really wonderful time!

Native Evolution




     I can’t move! I was looking enviously down at the excitement on the floor from the narrow lighting and stage operation room on the second floor. There was a Sisay’s 15th anniversary concert at Diamond Hall in Nagoya on January 16. My seat was not on the normal floor, but in the lighting and stage operation room. I couldn’t move freely because I was sitting next to staffers who were controlling the stage in the narrow place.  TS3N0471

     Although I couldn’t stand up or dancing during the concert, I had a special experience at the place. You know, I was sitting with staffers. There was filled with a feeling of tension in the lighting room before the concert. Looking down the audience and hearing babble of voices from underneath in the darkness, I felt like as if I was one of the staffers with real staff at the room. I was relieved when the show began.

     Sisay is an Ecuadorian folklore music band. I don’t know exactly how many members belong to Sisay, but they are usually divided into two groups and perform in Korea and Japan each. Japan Sisay usually plays music by five or six members. But there are 12 players at the concert! The sound by the many musicians was really wonderful!  TS3N0470

     They played music as follows: Sanjuanito Medley, Carnaval de la Feria, Arrepentimiento, Saya Medley, Pasillo Medley, Se Fue, Nadie Como Yo, Taran Tella, Dos Plumas, Under the Moon, Tejiendo Nubes, Entre el Tiempo y la Distancia, Fiesta de mi Pueblo, Es mi Tierra, De Donde Vengo, Bomba Mix. All members of Sisay and the audience were so exited! I, of course, had a wonderful time!

New Year’s Day




     It was really cold on New Year’s Day. It was snowing in the morning here in Nagoya. I walked to the bus stop to get on an expressway bus for Nagoya Station in the snow that early morning. I was going to Tokyo to see my family there. Unfortunately it was a notice that said “The bus is not running now because of the snow,” that I found when I got to the bus stop.  TS3N0466

     What? There was no mention about the cancellation on the web page of the bus company when I had checked before leaving home! What shall I do? I decided to use other transportation and began walking to another bus stop in the heavy snow.

     Luckily, I was able to go to Nagoya Station because the city buses and the subway lines were operated as usual. Shinkansen trains, however, were late with the heavy snowfall. The train I got on had to stop once to remove snow at Toyohashi Station or something on the way to Tokyo. TS3N0468

     But I couldn’t believe my eyes when the train passed through Shizuoka. It was clear up in the sky and there was no snow anywhere out of the window. Where was the snow gone? Anyway, I was able to see Mt. Fuji through the train window. I got to feel better while seeing the beautiful mountain,

     It was not so cold and there was no snow in Tokyo when I arrive there. My family was really surprised to hear from me about the snowfall in Nagoya. I spent the New Year holidays relaxing with my family in Tokyo.

The Year-End Karaoke Party in 2009



     Probably last December was the third year to have had an annual karaoke party at the end of the year. Men and women, young and old, enjoyed singing songs together at the small karaoke room in spite of that almost of them never met before. Songs must have magic power. I had a great time.TS3N0452-a

     The participants sang various songs most of which were English, but some sang in Japanese, Korean, French, or Spanish. Wow! Everyone was a good entertainer! It was wonderful that others sang together when someone sang well-known songs, too. TS3N0463-a

     Most of the participants were my classmates, but one of them brought his wife, and she gave all of us rice cake pounded in the morning. That rice cake was really delicious.

     Actually, it was the first time for her to come to karaoke! I wonder whether she’s had a good time at her first karaoke experience. I hope not only she but also all of the participants enjoyed the karaoke party!