Sisay in Seto


     Have you ever heard of the word of ‘setomono’ before? Setomono means ceramic wares. Its literally meaning is Seto’s things. Seto is a name of place, which is located north of Nagoya, and is famous for ceramics. In that place there a concert was last Wednesday of 23.TS3N0408 

     It was the Christmas Concert of Sisay, which is an Ecuadorian band. After the concert, there was a party at the same place. The concert was, of course, exciting and fantastic, and the party was also wonderful!TS3N0409-1   

     Many fans, especially women, poured down to the podium all together to take pictures of Sisay’s members when they appeared. It looked like a news conference or something. Those ladies watched and shot the musicians with their sparkling eyes.  TS3N0420-a

     But someone was missing…A member was not on the podium…Where was Antonio? Oh…he was working as a PA…TS3N0412-1

     There was a drawing at the beginning of the party, and winners got South American spices, cell-phone charms, stuffed toys made from alpaca, or ponchos.  TS3N0440

     Actually, I won a prize and got a white stuffed bear at in the lottery! There were about 300 participants at the party, but people who could get something at the drawing were less than 30! I was lucky!  TS3N0414-1

     After that, Cesar, who is taking a break as a member this year, suddenly came on the stage. His appearance made the party heated up.

     Then the dance time began…dance, dance, dance! TS3N0416










     Everyone got tired but all smiled! I had a great time! 
     Thank you, Sisay!TS3N0435


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