Mugi in Gifu




Friends of a friend of mine are also my friends, right? So, I went to see MY friends to Mugi, in Gifu Prefecture on December 13. TS3N0385

     One of them grows organic vegetables for enjoyment and sells his products on weekends, and two of them have a shop where they sell traditional Japanese things and Japanese antiques, and sometimes organize classes like making ceramics or dyeing. Their shops are at the same place.  TS3N0371

     They had a party that day and offered a kind of stew of wild boar to people dropping by. That was delicious! I hardly eat hogs. People in the area don’t usually eat wild boar meat, either. In some winter time, though I don’t know exactly the official period, those who have the license hunt boars for mammalian pest control.  TS3N0391

     At the event, I met many bikers. Some of them came from Nagoya! I also came there from Nagoya, but by car! It took me there around two hours with using a car. How long do you think it takes there from Nagoya by bicycle? I’ve asked one of them. It takes over three hours! You know, they had to ride back to Nagoya again! TS3N0375

     I saw many interesting things at the shop, bought lots of organic vegetables, ate delicious wild boar stew and met many nice people that day. I had a really good time! TS3N0379


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