“Do you like to sing songs?”

   “Do you play the guitar?”

   “Do you have a guitar?”

     I’ve asked those stupid questions to a man before…His name is David. I’ve taken his TOEIC class before. I hadn’t known he is a musician until recently! I sometimes run into him here and there, and we’ve been acquainted with each other. But I had a wonderful opportunity to see his performance last month at the Tai Chi with Matcha Party.TS3N0396

     His live performance was held at Kokopelli in Fujigaoka, Nagoya, on 18th. That was brilliant! I don’t know exactly which genres of his songs, but he played country music and blues that day. I relaxed and swayed to the rhythm of the music.      TS3N0398

     I found a drink I hadn’t heard and asked what it was when a waiter came to me to take order. He said, “Ah, it’s a kind of non-alcohol bear and smells Salonpas.” Salonpas?! Do you know Salonpas? It’s a mentholated compress. Don’t you use that stuff when you get a bruise? Well…I couldn’t imagine that the drink smelt Salonpas. So I said, “I’ll get the Salonpas!”

     The beverage is Dad’s. It seems to be very popular in the U.S.. Yeah, it smelt Salonpas indeed! I can’t say it’s delicious…TS3N0402

     Two of the audience harmonized with David’s songs. I was amazed that their songs were really beautiful and that the chorus warmed up the stage. At the break time, I got to know the reason. They are also musicians! They’re not duo, but they played music during the interval. Their performance was fantastic as well!

     I really enjoyed myself listening to David’s and his friends’ music at the cozy atmosphere. Salonpas should be a medicine, not a drink, though…


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