Sisay in Ohdaka 2


odaka 12-5

     The calendar shows the last page. Can you believe New Year’s is several days away? Aaaah, time flies! I’ve just remembered that I haven’t written anything this month yet…I’m pleased to say that I’ve had such productive days this month, too!  

     I went to Ohdaka in Nagoya to see Sisay’s performance on December 4th. You must know about Sisay if you’ve read my blog page, but it is a music group from Ecuador. odaka 12-7They play Andean and Latin music. There’s a shopping center in Ohdaka and Sisay came there to show their performance to shoppers that day. 

    odaka 12-14 I think there’re quite lots of people in the event in spite of a weekday. Sisay had four live shows at noon, 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 that day. 

     Not only seasoned fans but also many passing shoppers swayed or danced to the rhythm of their buoyant music, especially a little boy danced like crazy! odaka 12-12

     The event was so much fun. I had a really wonderful time! 

     By the way, there’s a pet shop before the event place. I saw cute cats there!odaka 12-2


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