Mairo’s Second Anniversary Party


     Have you ever heard of a participatory bakery café? I know one. It is Mairo! Of course, you can buy bread and have some tea or coffee there, but you should take a part in their events! クリパ2

     I’ve participated in many events held there so far, and all of them were so much fun! There was a party of celebration for their second anniversary and Christmas at Mairo on December 14. That was, of course, wonderful!クリパ4

     The participants had delicious food and then enjoyed some games together. At first, we did arm-wrestling. Unfortunately I lost in the first round…You know, I’m weak…;p The male and the female winners have got a prize each. Congratulations!クリパ5

     After the arm-wrestling competition, some enjoyed Jenga with wearing a compact low-frequency massage device around the wrist. It is difficult to control mussels for players with the device because of it producing pulses. I didn’t play the game, but it was really fun to see players. クリパ6

     Then we did Twister game. We laughed loud at players’ complicated postures. I had a wonderful time together with my friends. Congratulations on Mairo’s second anniversary and Merry Christmas!クリパ7


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