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Sisay in Seto


     Have you ever heard of the word of ‘setomono’ before? Setomono means ceramic wares. Its literally meaning is Seto’s things. Seto is a name of place, which is located north of Nagoya, and is famous for ceramics. In that place there a concert was last Wednesday of 23.TS3N0408 

     It was the Christmas Concert of Sisay, which is an Ecuadorian band. After the concert, there was a party at the same place. The concert was, of course, exciting and fantastic, and the party was also wonderful!TS3N0409-1   

     Many fans, especially women, poured down to the podium all together to take pictures of Sisay’s members when they appeared. It looked like a news conference or something. Those ladies watched and shot the musicians with their sparkling eyes.  TS3N0420-a

     But someone was missing…A member was not on the podium…Where was Antonio? Oh…he was working as a PA…TS3N0412-1

     There was a drawing at the beginning of the party, and winners got South American spices, cell-phone charms, stuffed toys made from alpaca, or ponchos.  TS3N0440

     Actually, I won a prize and got a white stuffed bear at in the lottery! There were about 300 participants at the party, but people who could get something at the drawing were less than 30! I was lucky!  TS3N0414-1

     After that, Cesar, who is taking a break as a member this year, suddenly came on the stage. His appearance made the party heated up.

     Then the dance time began…dance, dance, dance! TS3N0416










     Everyone got tired but all smiled! I had a great time! 
     Thank you, Sisay!TS3N0435




   “Do you like to sing songs?”

   “Do you play the guitar?”

   “Do you have a guitar?”

     I’ve asked those stupid questions to a man before…His name is David. I’ve taken his TOEIC class before. I hadn’t known he is a musician until recently! I sometimes run into him here and there, and we’ve been acquainted with each other. But I had a wonderful opportunity to see his performance last month at the Tai Chi with Matcha Party.TS3N0396

     His live performance was held at Kokopelli in Fujigaoka, Nagoya, on 18th. That was brilliant! I don’t know exactly which genres of his songs, but he played country music and blues that day. I relaxed and swayed to the rhythm of the music.      TS3N0398

     I found a drink I hadn’t heard and asked what it was when a waiter came to me to take order. He said, “Ah, it’s a kind of non-alcohol bear and smells Salonpas.” Salonpas?! Do you know Salonpas? It’s a mentholated compress. Don’t you use that stuff when you get a bruise? Well…I couldn’t imagine that the drink smelt Salonpas. So I said, “I’ll get the Salonpas!”

     The beverage is Dad’s. It seems to be very popular in the U.S.. Yeah, it smelt Salonpas indeed! I can’t say it’s delicious…TS3N0402

     Two of the audience harmonized with David’s songs. I was amazed that their songs were really beautiful and that the chorus warmed up the stage. At the break time, I got to know the reason. They are also musicians! They’re not duo, but they played music during the interval. Their performance was fantastic as well!

     I really enjoyed myself listening to David’s and his friends’ music at the cozy atmosphere. Salonpas should be a medicine, not a drink, though…

Mugi in Gifu




Friends of a friend of mine are also my friends, right? So, I went to see MY friends to Mugi, in Gifu Prefecture on December 13. TS3N0385

     One of them grows organic vegetables for enjoyment and sells his products on weekends, and two of them have a shop where they sell traditional Japanese things and Japanese antiques, and sometimes organize classes like making ceramics or dyeing. Their shops are at the same place.  TS3N0371

     They had a party that day and offered a kind of stew of wild boar to people dropping by. That was delicious! I hardly eat hogs. People in the area don’t usually eat wild boar meat, either. In some winter time, though I don’t know exactly the official period, those who have the license hunt boars for mammalian pest control.  TS3N0391

     At the event, I met many bikers. Some of them came from Nagoya! I also came there from Nagoya, but by car! It took me there around two hours with using a car. How long do you think it takes there from Nagoya by bicycle? I’ve asked one of them. It takes over three hours! You know, they had to ride back to Nagoya again! TS3N0375

     I saw many interesting things at the shop, bought lots of organic vegetables, ate delicious wild boar stew and met many nice people that day. I had a really good time! TS3N0379

Mairo’s Second Anniversary Party


     Have you ever heard of a participatory bakery café? I know one. It is Mairo! Of course, you can buy bread and have some tea or coffee there, but you should take a part in their events! クリパ2

     I’ve participated in many events held there so far, and all of them were so much fun! There was a party of celebration for their second anniversary and Christmas at Mairo on December 14. That was, of course, wonderful!クリパ4

     The participants had delicious food and then enjoyed some games together. At first, we did arm-wrestling. Unfortunately I lost in the first round…You know, I’m weak…;p The male and the female winners have got a prize each. Congratulations!クリパ5

     After the arm-wrestling competition, some enjoyed Jenga with wearing a compact low-frequency massage device around the wrist. It is difficult to control mussels for players with the device because of it producing pulses. I didn’t play the game, but it was really fun to see players. クリパ6

     Then we did Twister game. We laughed loud at players’ complicated postures. I had a wonderful time together with my friends. Congratulations on Mairo’s second anniversary and Merry Christmas!クリパ7

Sisay in Ohdaka 2


odaka 12-5

     The calendar shows the last page. Can you believe New Year’s is several days away? Aaaah, time flies! I’ve just remembered that I haven’t written anything this month yet…I’m pleased to say that I’ve had such productive days this month, too!  

     I went to Ohdaka in Nagoya to see Sisay’s performance on December 4th. You must know about Sisay if you’ve read my blog page, but it is a music group from Ecuador. odaka 12-7They play Andean and Latin music. There’s a shopping center in Ohdaka and Sisay came there to show their performance to shoppers that day. 

    odaka 12-14 I think there’re quite lots of people in the event in spite of a weekday. Sisay had four live shows at noon, 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 that day. 

     Not only seasoned fans but also many passing shoppers swayed or danced to the rhythm of their buoyant music, especially a little boy danced like crazy! odaka 12-12

     The event was so much fun. I had a really wonderful time! 

     By the way, there’s a pet shop before the event place. I saw cute cats there!odaka 12-2