The Tai Chi with Matcha Party


携帯から 044-mixi

     I was surprised to have seen the list in which there was a person whose name was written in katakana character and it sounded Western when I arrived at the hotel. That was an episode in an annual Tai Chi camp held at Nishiura Onsen hot spring last month.  (!1D0F2197A6F55843!3756.entry) Although many people enjoy Tai Chi all over the world, the school I belong to was born in Japan and the style is a little bit different from traditional Chinese ones. 携帯から 043

     My school has not spread to other countries yet, and it is necessary to learn Tai chi for more than ten years to become a master. Nevertheless, the man, who is from England, has taken a test and has become a Tai Chi master! I’ve heard from a participant that he has done tai chi for nearly 25 years! Wow! He and I have become friends and he invited me a party for celebrating his promotion on November 8th. I had a wonderful time at the party. 携帯から 048

     The invitation has a title: Tai Chi with Matcha. Matcha is Japanese green powdered tea and people drink it at tea ceremony. Tai Chi, as you know, is a kind of Chinese exercise originally from martial art, and matcha and tea ceremony are traditional Japanese culture. The title sounded very interesting and I went to the party with gusto. I was amused at the building for the party because it was a lighthouse. It is not at the sea shore or in a rural area. It is in the downtown!  携帯から 051-mixi

     The party was held at the terrace, where I was able to forget to have been in the urban area. I helped to prepare for the party because I arrived there earlier. We even made a simple toilet! Although I didn’t know anyone there, I enjoyed myself preparing with other participants. They were very friendly.  携帯から 063-mixi

     The party began with the awarding ceremony. The English man’s Tai Chi teacher gave him the certification with congratulatory message. Then he, the teacher, and his classmates held a demonstration of Tai Chi. Most of them are Tai Chi masters! Their movements were so elegant and beautiful. I was really impressed. I’ve done Tai Chi for just four years. I thought I was going to keep doing Tai Chi while seeing their performance. After the demonstration, the participants enjoyed matcha green tea with some Japanese sweets. 携帯から 065-mixi

     In addition, there was a small concert at the party as well! I was very surprised to have seen the musician because I had just sent him a message about his concert schedule that morning! I sometimes run into him here and there, but I hadn’t known he is a musician for some times. I had wanted to listen to his music once since I happened to have found out that he often had concerts at bars the other day. 携帯から 073-mixiThe concert was really nice! I was able to listen to his songs with playing the guitar at last! (I’ve asked him whether he likes singing and plays the guitar before…)  携帯から 083-mixi

     Moreover, it’s revealed that the English Tai Chi master and I have many mutual friends, too. There have been many interesting encounters in my life. My English language world and my Tai Chi world have linked. I’m lucky because I’ve met many nice people. I had a great time at the party and thought about curious coincidence that day…


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