Halloween Party at Mairo in 2009


  画像 104

     Do you know what day October 31st is? Yes, it’s Halloween! There was a Halloween party at Mairo, the bakery shop, on October 31th night, and I took part in it. Halloween is never without crazy costumes. That’s why many people in fancy dresses gathered there. I enjoyed myself not only eating delicious food and chattering with my crazy friends but also talking to many new people and the atmosphere that night. 

     It’s difficult to express with words about the party…So, I put some photos here. I hope you’ll see joyful atmosphere at the party with them.


ハロウィン2-1   ハロウィン9

画像 119


ハロウィン2ハロウィン8  ハロウィン92ハロウィン6



 画像 110

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