Speak Greek?



     Do you know about Japan in the 14th Century B.C? Me? No…I don’t…I’ve studied about Japan’s history on my school days, but I can’t tell you about it in detail…What I was astonished last Saturday was that a friend of mine D knows about her country very well and the presentation was really fabulous!

     D is from Greece. She now lives in Nisshin near Nagoya with her husband. She and I met at an international event last year. I went to Aichi International Plaza to see her presentation about Greece on October 24. 

     The event was held by two organizations: AGVS (Aichi Gogaku Volunteers Seminar – an NPO of volunteer interpreters) and AGGN (Aichi Goodwill Guide Network – an NPO of volunteer guides) for their members training. Although I’m not a member of either groups, I was permitted to take part in it because I know D, the speechmaker, and some AGGN members.  TS3N0150-a

     It was for those members to practice translating D’s speech into Japanese quickly. D gave the presentation in English. The participants were divided into two: interpreters and listeners, and the roles were sometimes switched. But I didn’t play a role as an interpreter, and became one of audience. It’s difficult for me to take note while listening to and to translate into Japanese at once… TS3N0152-a

     It was amazing to me that many people were taking notes frantically while D was speaking, and that began interpreting all at once what she talked as soon as she closed her mouth at a suitable interval. Moreover, I was really impressed by her presentation! That was wonderful.

     Her speech was well-organized. D began with episodes about ancient Greece and finished with expectation for rosy future of her country with lots of nice gestures. Her story was copious and chastity, and her expression was crisp. I didn’t know that she’s such a speechmaker! No. She’s not only a speechmaker but also great performer! The event started at 1:15 p.m. and finished after 5:00 p.m. D mentioned about Marathon, but her presentation was a kind of marathon! TS3N0154-a

     It was great to have taken such a wonderful lecture about Greece. I’m positive that D’s speech made all the participants want to visit Greece!

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