Sisay in Ohdaka


     What? Why didn’t they inform even earlier? I thought that when I checked my email one night. I was reading an email magazine, which said that Sisay was coming to Nagoya on October 23rd.

     You may already know about Sisay because I’ve written about it here many times, but it’s an Ecuadorian folklore band. I’m a fan. TS3N0136

     According to the info, they would come to a shopping mall in Ohdaka. Ohdaka? Where the hell is it? It’s a town located in the west of Nagoya and is a 15-minute train ride from Nagoya Station. I decided to come to see Sisay by myself next day. TS3N0137

     The shopping mall was almost empty because of the day time on the week. However, there had already been many fans of Sisay at the event place when I arrived. Some people who were not fans were gathering once their concert began. Most of them were elderly people, and some of them were with their grandchildren. TS3N0138

     I’ve seen senior citizens blocking their ears and passing by at rock concerts in public places many times. But interestingly I’ve never seen those scenes at Sisay’s concert. Most of them enjoy listening to their music and sometimes even dancing. So did those elderly people I saw this time!TS3N0139

     After the first show, I noticed that the man who was on a photo I had taken at Ecuadori-Andes Festa was sitting there. So, I asked him if the person was him showing my cellphone, with which I had taken photos at the former event. It was him. He was really surprised. He and I decided to wait for the next show over coffee together. It was revealed that he and I have a friend in common while talking. That’s why I made new friends!TS3N0140

     I saw three shows that day. I had a really good time! I love Sisay!


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