Ecuador-Andes Festa 2009 in Nagoya


     That morning, I was awake with terrible headache. I would have decided to stay home all day if Sisay hadn’t come to Nagoya. Sisay is an Ecuadorian folklore group and they had concerts at Kanayama.

       There was an event named Ecuador-Andes Festa in Nagoya there from Octomber 9th to 12th. I went to see their performance on 12th in spite of the headache because I couldn’t have made it on other days. TS3N0107

       Sisay had four concerts that day, and the first one started at 11:00. I was going to see three concerts in the afternoon because I had something to do in the morning. My headache didn’t go away at all in the morning, but I headed for Kanayama.

      When I arrived at the place, Sisay was about to play music. Their performance was really exciting! I was able to forget about my headache during their stage. After the concert, I noticed a woman was staring at me. I didn’t remember her, but it seemed that she knew me. I also stated at her for a while.

      After the concert, there was a dance show. It was wonderful, too. Then, there was a workshop of playing musical instruments: quena and zampoña. I saw some people learning how to play zampoña from a musician for a while. But I couldn’t stand my headache any more…So, I gave up staying there until the next concert and went back home.,,I came down with a cold next day…


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