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Sisay in Ohdaka


     What? Why didn’t they inform even earlier? I thought that when I checked my email one night. I was reading an email magazine, which said that Sisay was coming to Nagoya on October 23rd.

     You may already know about Sisay because I’ve written about it here many times, but it’s an Ecuadorian folklore band. I’m a fan. TS3N0136

     According to the info, they would come to a shopping mall in Ohdaka. Ohdaka? Where the hell is it? It’s a town located in the west of Nagoya and is a 15-minute train ride from Nagoya Station. I decided to come to see Sisay by myself next day. TS3N0137

     The shopping mall was almost empty because of the day time on the week. However, there had already been many fans of Sisay at the event place when I arrived. Some people who were not fans were gathering once their concert began. Most of them were elderly people, and some of them were with their grandchildren. TS3N0138

     I’ve seen senior citizens blocking their ears and passing by at rock concerts in public places many times. But interestingly I’ve never seen those scenes at Sisay’s concert. Most of them enjoy listening to their music and sometimes even dancing. So did those elderly people I saw this time!TS3N0139

     After the first show, I noticed that the man who was on a photo I had taken at Ecuadori-Andes Festa was sitting there. So, I asked him if the person was him showing my cellphone, with which I had taken photos at the former event. It was him. He was really surprised. He and I decided to wait for the next show over coffee together. It was revealed that he and I have a friend in common while talking. That’s why I made new friends!TS3N0140

     I saw three shows that day. I had a really good time! I love Sisay!

A Potluck Party


     “Why don’t you come to my new house?” One day a friend of mine M emailed me. Her house has been reconstructed recently. She invited her friends including me and had a potluck party at her brand-new house on October15th. It was Thursday. I usually take an English class at a university on Thursdays, but that day was a school holiday because of its anniversary of establishment.

     Another friend K drove me with other two of our friends that morning. We caught in a traffic jam on the way to M’s house. The road isn’t usually so busy. So, we thought that there was an accident or something ahead. Some police officers and men in the same yellow-colored jackets came into view in a matter of time. They blocked one lane and asked each driver to open their windows. An inspection? We wondered if there was an affair. TS3N0116

     “Hey! There’re five people in this car!” One of men in the yellow jacket shouted to other men, looking into our car, when K opened the window. He received something from his company and thrust them to K, saying “Drive carefully and have a nice day!” TS3N0117

     What happened? What he gave us were five paper bags. One of us opened one immediately and shouted, “There’s a pear inside!” There’re words on the bags: “No traffic accident!” in Japanese. Pear is called nashi in Japanese. There’s another word which has the same sound in Japanese. It means no or nothing. The police and the men appealed road safety using an equivoque. We had mixed feelings at that time: anger for the traffic jam because of the campaign and pleasure for getting fruits for free.  TS3N0121-a

     M’s house is in Chiryu. She welcomed us with a big smile when we got there. After a while other friends arrived gradually and a dozen people gathered finally. Each person brought something to eat. That was a great feast! Sushi, rice noodles, quiche, lasagna, tacos, many kinds of salads, cooked vegetables, fried chickens, hamburgers, fruits, lots of cake! Wow! Multinational foods! We enjoyed ourselves chattering and having delicious food. I had a great time together with my good friends! TS3N0123-a

Ecuador-Andes Festa 2009 in Nagoya


     That morning, I was awake with terrible headache. I would have decided to stay home all day if Sisay hadn’t come to Nagoya. Sisay is an Ecuadorian folklore group and they had concerts at Kanayama.

       There was an event named Ecuador-Andes Festa in Nagoya there from Octomber 9th to 12th. I went to see their performance on 12th in spite of the headache because I couldn’t have made it on other days. TS3N0107

       Sisay had four concerts that day, and the first one started at 11:00. I was going to see three concerts in the afternoon because I had something to do in the morning. My headache didn’t go away at all in the morning, but I headed for Kanayama.

      When I arrived at the place, Sisay was about to play music. Their performance was really exciting! I was able to forget about my headache during their stage. After the concert, I noticed a woman was staring at me. I didn’t remember her, but it seemed that she knew me. I also stated at her for a while.

      After the concert, there was a dance show. It was wonderful, too. Then, there was a workshop of playing musical instruments: quena and zampoña. I saw some people learning how to play zampoña from a musician for a while. But I couldn’t stand my headache any more…So, I gave up staying there until the next concert and went back home.,,I came down with a cold next day…

Tai Chi Camp in 2009


     After the biggest typhoon in about 60 years hit Japan, there was an annual tai chi camp in Nishiura Onsen Hot spring, Gamagori on October 10th and 11th. More than 300 people took part in it and I had a good time and learned many things there. Gamagori is famous for tangerines and fishery products. I also enjoyed seeing many unripe green tangerines on the way to the beach hotel.

     I joined in the camp with two of my friends. Because most room had five people, we had other two people in the same room. It was revealed soon that those two ladies were really nice and kind. During the camp, we’ve made good friends each other.  TS3N0080

     After entering the room, we went out to the court of the hotel by the sea to practice. It was clear up and the sun was dazzling after the typhoon outside. Most of the participants enjoyed doing tai chi together. I was also able to see a few people I hadn’t seen for almost a year there.

     We moved to a big room inside for practicing after a while because the sunshine was too strong and it was too windy to keep on doing outside. After the practice, I returned to my room with my roommates and enjoyed chattering.  TS3N00830001

     As night fall, we had a feast. Each person picked a card written a number when they arrived at the hall. All of us had to sit at the table which had the same number. The organizer did that because they thought it was nice for us to get to know new people. My number was 79. When I was looking for my seat, seeing my number, a man talked to me. His number was 81. He was very friendly.  TS3N0084

     For a while, the seat 80 was empty, but an old woman came to me. She had the card #80. And she is 80 years old. She was very talkative and energetic in spite of her age. A young woman sitting at my left side was also nice and kind. I enjoyed talking with many nice people over delicious seafood. We had some games at the feast as well, and some people wan and got prizes. 

     After the feast, we had a lecture about tai chi. I couldn’t focus on it because I had ate too much… TS3N0081

     Next day, I got up around 5:30 in the morning. I’m usually asleep that time, but I even saw a sunrise and many fishery boats put to sea in a rush that morning. The reason why I got up so early is because we had an early morning practice at 6:00. The wind was cold, but it was nice to have done tai chi outside. The breakfast after exercise was really nice!TS3N0091

     About 50 test-takers for becoming grand masters did tai chi before the judge in the morning. It was filled with a sense of tension in the room, but all of them performed very well and were reviewed and approved as grand masters. Congratulations!

     After that all of the participants did tai chi together and the camp was over…TS3N0097

     The two of my friends and I visited a temple on our way back home. The temple’s chief priest and his wife were our friends, and the priest also took part in the camp. There is an about 150 year-old pine tree in the precincts, and we tried to take qui from the tree. My friends said that they felt something while stretching their arms out, but…I didn’t feel anything…Hmmm…I haven’t had enough training…TS3N0101