Jimmy Ohnishi’s Exhibition


 jimi 2    
     Do you know Jimmy Ohnishi? He used to be famous as a comedian in Japan. But now, he’s transformed into a worldwide artist. There was an exhibition of his works at Mitsukoshi in Nagoya last week. It was held for celebrating publishing his new art book and Mitsukoshi’s 35th year in business.

     What Jimmy’s paintings impacted me most was their color of daring, especially using yellow. All of his works so far have vivid yellow, which impresses viewers. Not only the way of using color, but also the composition is bold. His works, however, are sensitive as well.  jimi 1

     I prefer his earlier works because they are bolder and more dashing. According to Jimmy’s interview, Mr. Okamoto Taro, who was a well-known artist, sent a message to him before his death, “Run off the edge of the canvas!” I think his earlier works are full of life. jimi 3

     However, Jimmy’s recent works are very beautiful and many of them were born from the collaboration with enterprises, such as bank books’ design and labels of wine. He’s painted even an oil tanker.

     Jimmy is still at the developing stage. I’d like to follow his work in the future.


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