The Crazy Karaoke Party in Summer 2009


karaoke 3
     “Would you have a karaoke party at the pub before I go on a trip to Europe? I’d love to go to the pub!” Mitsuko told me that when I was talking about a previous karaoke party held at Isona.

     That was at the end of August. We were taking Michael’s summer course at that time. Michael has never joined in a karaoke party at Isona, but he sometimes goes to Isona. Mitsuko, however, had never been there and got interested in the pub.karaoke 1

     “OK, let’s have a karaoke party on September 5th, then!” I thought it was better to have the party before universities began because teachers would be busy once classes started. Actually I was afraid that I couldn’t gather enough people to have the party because of the short notice. More than 15 people, however, came to the party and we had a really good time!TS3N0041-e

     I knew almost all of the participants, but most of them didn’t know each other. At first, they seemed to be nervous, however they gradually opened up. Finally the party was really exciting and reached a fever pitch! I had a great time with my friends! I’m sure all of the participants were satisfied and enjoyed themselves at the party!TS3N0029-e

     Isona, the pub, is located between Ikeshita and Imaike in Nagoya. The owner is a cute lady named Naoko. She’s very nice. You’ll like the pub if you go there once! TS3N0030-a






                ISONA karaoke 2

Address: 1F Fudosan Kantei Bldg., Nakata, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
Phone: 052-751- 7815
Yahoo! Map


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