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Kuding Tea


     Michiyo, a friend of mine, gave me a pack of Chinese tea yesterday. She went to Shanghai last week and bought the tea there for me because I had asked her.

     The tea is Kuding Tea. It was at the karaoke party at the beginning of this month to have tried the tea for the first time. Naoko, the pub’s owner, recommended drinking it at the party. She had a trip to China last August and bought the tea. According to her, the tea has detoxification.

     Some of the participants including me at the karaoke party tried the tea. All of us couldn’t drink when we raised our glasses to our lips first. It didn’t smell like tea at all, but smelt like passing behind a fish shop on a hot summer day. Nevertheless, I sipped the tea.

     It tasted really bitter! Maybe it was the bitterest thing I’d ever had. But slight sweetness spread inside my mouth after drinking. Hmm…strange taste…I got interested in the tea at that time.TS3N0078

     So, I asked Michiyo to get the tea for me if she could find in Shanghai. “One stick for three to four people,” she replied when I asked her how to make the tea. “Stick? Not spoonful?” Yeah, I got it when I opened the box. Tea leaves were plied. It smelt like wood creosote, not like fish.TS3N0079

     After making the tea, it smelt like bacon and tasted bitter! But I liked the tea somehow!

Jimmy Ohnishi’s Exhibition


 jimi 2    
     Do you know Jimmy Ohnishi? He used to be famous as a comedian in Japan. But now, he’s transformed into a worldwide artist. There was an exhibition of his works at Mitsukoshi in Nagoya last week. It was held for celebrating publishing his new art book and Mitsukoshi’s 35th year in business.

     What Jimmy’s paintings impacted me most was their color of daring, especially using yellow. All of his works so far have vivid yellow, which impresses viewers. Not only the way of using color, but also the composition is bold. His works, however, are sensitive as well.  jimi 1

     I prefer his earlier works because they are bolder and more dashing. According to Jimmy’s interview, Mr. Okamoto Taro, who was a well-known artist, sent a message to him before his death, “Run off the edge of the canvas!” I think his earlier works are full of life. jimi 3

     However, Jimmy’s recent works are very beautiful and many of them were born from the collaboration with enterprises, such as bank books’ design and labels of wine. He’s painted even an oil tanker.

     Jimmy is still at the developing stage. I’d like to follow his work in the future.

About One Month Earlier Halloween Costume Party at Mairo


     Accio friends!

     There was a costume party again at Mairo last Sunday. Isn’t it earlier for Halloween? Yes, it is. The title of the party was About One Month Earlier Halloween Costume Party! That was really exciting! 仮装16

     Mairo is a bakery café near my apartment. They hold many events, and had the first costume party last June. They had the second one because the first one was really heated up. ( I was able to have fun with my friends and to make many new friends this time as well! TS3N0055

     It’s a bit difficult to express the party with words…so…look at photos! I hope you’ll join us next time!









MAIRO (Cafe & Bakery)
Address: 2-1112, Umemorizaka, Meito-ku, Nagoya
TEL: 090-6098-0160



The Crazy Karaoke Party in Summer 2009


karaoke 3
     “Would you have a karaoke party at the pub before I go on a trip to Europe? I’d love to go to the pub!” Mitsuko told me that when I was talking about a previous karaoke party held at Isona.

     That was at the end of August. We were taking Michael’s summer course at that time. Michael has never joined in a karaoke party at Isona, but he sometimes goes to Isona. Mitsuko, however, had never been there and got interested in the pub.karaoke 1

     “OK, let’s have a karaoke party on September 5th, then!” I thought it was better to have the party before universities began because teachers would be busy once classes started. Actually I was afraid that I couldn’t gather enough people to have the party because of the short notice. More than 15 people, however, came to the party and we had a really good time!TS3N0041-e

     I knew almost all of the participants, but most of them didn’t know each other. At first, they seemed to be nervous, however they gradually opened up. Finally the party was really exciting and reached a fever pitch! I had a great time with my friends! I’m sure all of the participants were satisfied and enjoyed themselves at the party!TS3N0029-e

     Isona, the pub, is located between Ikeshita and Imaike in Nagoya. The owner is a cute lady named Naoko. She’s very nice. You’ll like the pub if you go there once! TS3N0030-a






                ISONA karaoke 2

Address: 1F Fudosan Kantei Bldg., Nakata, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
Phone: 052-751- 7815
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