Time for a Change


aso      Yesterday’s general election for the Lower House was historic. The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which had ruled Japan for 56 long years (In 1993, they had been the oppostion for eight mounths.), has fallen from power at last. It has decreased its seat to 119 from a pre-election 300. Many LDP bigwigs including former a Prime Minister were rejected.

     On the other hand, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), which was the largest opposition before the election, has increased its seat to 308 from 115. The power relationships between the LDP and the DPJ have completely changed.

     In addition, other parties have lost their presence behind the DPJ’s enormous gain. New Komeito Party, which had been a ruling coalition partner with the LDP for ten years, couldn’t win at all in the single-seat election districts. Even its party leader and party secretary generals were defeated yesterday. Moreover, other parties couldn’t increase their seats. hatoyama

     This time not only most non-partisans but also people who used to support the LDP and Komei Party have given their votes to the DPJ. But they didn’t poll because of their expectations to the DPJ. They expected breaking out of this sense of stagnation. As Flanklin Pierce Adams, who was an American columnist at the beginning of the 20 century, said, “Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody."

     However, the election was historic indeed. Japanese people made a move and showed public opinion. It’s time for a change. Many of us have relied on the government, and have expected what it does for them, but we should think what to do for our society and take own responsibility from now on.


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