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Handicraft Fair 2009


HI352468      Look at this! I made this pendant the other day. These flowers inside are real dried flowers, and they are trapped in plastic called resin. HI352449

     The place I had an experience of making it is Fukiage Hall in Nagoya. A big annual event on handicraft was held there on June 26 and 27.  

     HI352443There were about 140 booths at the event. According to the host, around 300,000 people came there this time. Some booths were a kind of bargain counters and many women were fighting there. I also joined the war, of course. 

     I bought seven belts, which of them were sold for only 200 yen, two necklaces and some iron print seals. HI352451HI352452




*Resin Art*
1. Chose flowers. 





2. Prepare for resin.



3. Put the flowers in the case and pour the resin.

4. Wait until the resin set and then pour another resin for the back.




5. Voila!





     I decollated two T-shirts with some iron print seals. HI352471 HI352473

     Hmm…I may be talented….;p