The 21th Aichi Summer Seminar 2



     I went to Doho-Gakuen again on 20 to join in Aichi Summer Seminar. The day before I took an oriental medicine class and an English class, and that day I took a cooking class and a singing class.

     I cooked Bangladeshi curry at the cooking class at the first period. The class had many students including a lot of high school boys and girls. Amazingly, I met the person who took the same oriental medicine class before the day at the cooking class, and we cooked together. 

    We cooked Bangladeshi chicken curry that day. The recipe is simple:

(For six people)HI352565-a
Chicken wing sticks               12 pieces
Onions                                    2 (medium size)
Ginger                                   1.5 tbsp
Garlic                                    1.5 tbsp
Oil                                           6 tbsp
Curry mixed powder             1.5 tbsp
Salt                                       1.5 tsp

1. Shred ginger and garlic and chop onions.
2. Sauté the onion with the oil on a pot until the onion turns light brown.
3. Add the ginger and garlic, and add the curry powder to the pan.
4. Add the chicken and sauté them well.
5. Pour in just enough water to cover and boil after adding salt.HI352568-a

     The curry we made was really delicious! The curry powder we used was different from mine. So I asked the organizer to sell one and got it. Yay! At the class we enjoyed chai as well. The class was really nice and interesting!HI352572

     After the cooking class, One of my friends and I went to a classroom for a singing class. I had to get petrified again when I opened the door. The teacher was the same person of that memorizing famous speeches class before the day!

     But that day at least I was not alone at the classroom. There were seven students there. But you know, the teacher was the same. That is, we had to sing with gestures! Ha ha! But it’s OK. The more, the merrier! HI352575-a

     How come I didn’t know about such an interesting event until this year? Most of my friends also didn’t know until I informed them. I’d like to join in Aichi Summer Seminar next year too!


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