The 21th Aichi Summer Seminar 1


     Do you know a big annual event where anyone can study many things among nearly 1.000 classes has held for more than 20 years in Aichi prefecture? The event is called Aichi Summer Seminar, and it was the 21st this year. Most of the classes are free of charge. Actually I didn’t know until Rosario, a friend of mine, came to my apartment with the information the other day.

     The Aichi Summer Seminar was held at Doho-Gakuen in Nakamura-ku from the 18th to the 20th of this month and I joined it on 19 and 20 with some of my friends. I took an oriental medicine class and an English class on 19, and took a cooking class and a singing class on 20. HI352558-a

     According to the organizer, there were nearly 1.000 classes in the event, and many famous people, such as, Mr. Shinya Yamamoto, a movie director, and Ms, Motoko Obayasi, an ex-volley ball player for Japan’s national team, were invited as lecturers as well. That’s why, so many people came to the place that it was really crowded.

     Each day had three periods, and one had 100 minutes. The class on oriental medicine I took was held at the second period after lunch time. So my friends and I met at the school cafeteria and had lunch there before heading the classroom. The taco-rice was not so good, but…was OK for 400 yen.HI352554-a

     There were already many students in the classroom of the oriental medicine. The teacher came from a big medical professional school named Nagoya-Isen. Dr. Yamada has been in the U.S. for more than 10 years and treated many people there with eastern medicine. He introduced many interesting methods for treatment to the audience that day, for example, using crystals, colors, o-ring test and therapeutic points of the body.

     Dr. Yamada is so friendly and funny that the classroom was filled with laugh. I can learn many things from the class, especially using colors. According him, the color of red will work for your stiff shoulders, and blue will be good for pain. In general, if you have stiff shoulders, you must have bad blood circulation. Red is the symbol of blood and the warmth. So you should send the image of the red color to the stiffened parts of your body. On the other hand, the color of blue is the symbol of coldness. So the image of the blue color may help draw out the infection.HI352556-a

     After the oriental medicine class, I headed for an English class alone. Each of my friends took another class at the third period. I was petrified when I opened the door of the next class. There were no people except for the teacher in the classroom. He appeared to be relieved to see me. Probably he’d thought that no one would appear. I wondered whether he could go home if I left. So, I asked him, “Shall I leave?” But he replied, “OK. Let’s get started.” And then the class started…HI352557-a

     The class was for learning famous speeches, such as, Mr. Lincoln, Rev. King, Mr. J.F. Kennedy, and Mr. Obama, with his special method. The method was to use imagination and gestures to memorize sentences. So, I had to kind of dance with him in the big classroom…That was a sort of a torture for me, but I was able to memorize those famous phrases during the class…But I was so tired…

     After the class, I found out that my friends also were exhausted when I met them. One of them was late to come to the place because the teacher of the class she took had thought each class was 120 minutes. The reason she looked tired because it was not only taking the class longer but also she couldn’t understand the lecture at all! She asked some questions to the teacher during the class, but he just said “Study it with newspaper later by yourself, please.” and didn’t answer to her questions at all…HI352559

     According to another friend, she waited for the teacher with other students in the classroom, but he or she didn’t appear after all. She had been with the others for more than 30 minutes, but she gave up the class and moved to another class. But the next class was horrible. It was a kind of emotionally manipulated sale and she got almost forced to buy something. She hastily left the room and went to another class about allergy. But it was so boring for her…

     I’ve learned that no all are good among those 1,000 classes. Anyway, I had a good time at the eastern medicine class and had a precious opportunity at the memorizing class that day…I’ll write about the next day’s classes later on.


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