Chat Tea Cafe 2: Have a drink, have a chat!


HI352462      A friend of mine Yuko and I went to Chat Tea Café after enjoying shopping and making accessories at Handicraft Fair in Fukiage Hall on Saturday of the 27, June. Chat Tea Café is located near Mizuho Athletic Stadium along the Sakura-Dori Line of the Nagoya Municipal Subway. She and I decided to come to the cafe because Fukiage Hall is also along the same subway line.

     Yuko and I have visited the café once when a tea tasting seminar was held there last March. (!1D0F2197A6F55843!3400.entry) We haven’t come to the café since then because it is a little far from our places: Yuko lives in Owari-Asahi and I live in Meito-ku. But we were at Fukiage near the café that day. HI352464-a


     Rie, the wife of the café’s owner Robin, noticed us and opened the door when we were peeping inside through the glass of the door at the café. She is beautiful and accomplished lady. She is talented to make sweets as well. Robin was smiling behind Rie and invited us into the café.  HI352463-a

     There were two women inside. One was a member of the café and another one was a visitor. Yuko and I ordered cold drinks to Rie because it was really hot that day, and joined them. All of us tried speaking English. You know, Chat Tea Café is not an ordinary café, is a place for practicing English conversation.

     Most of us were new people each other, but enjoyed chatting in English very much. We didn’t just banter. We learned many things from Robin. He is very good at teaching through relaxing conversation. Here is the information about Chat Tea Café:

        Chat Tea Café

     This is a new style café where you enjoy chatting in English with the master from UK at the relaxing atmosphere whenever you like. You can also enjoy delicious M&P’s Tea’s tea, coffee, soft drinks and Rie’s special sweets there…

     Monthly membership: 8,800 yen a month (You can come anytime during the period.)
Book of coupons: 11,000 yen for five tickets (valid for six months)

     Open: 2:00 p.m. Close: 11:00 p.m.
     Shop Holiday: Mondays

     Address: Takasu Biru 1F, 6-24 Mizuho-dori, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya    
     Phone: 052-851-5161


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