The Visual Deception Exhibition at Nagoya City Art Museum


     Look at this poster! It was painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian portrayer, at the end of the 16th century. As you see, the portrayed man was expressed by fruits, vegetables and flowers.

     There’s been an interesting exhibition called “Visual Deception” at Nagoya City Art Museum until today and you can enjoy seeing such interesting art works there.HI352374

     I went to see it last Wednesday. I thought it would be not so crowded on a weekday, but I was wrong. It was really jammed, and I was almost choked. I had to queue up for about 30 minutes for buying the ticket. (You can buy a ticket at a 100 yen discount if you show Nagoya Transit Authority’s one-day travel ticket or a prepaid ticket named Yurika card which has the date at the box office.)

さかな はがれてます 円柱





     At the exhibition, deceive many paintings and objects your brain. I got dizzy while being at the museum, but I think it was because not only the crowded condition, but also those works. Paintings which look like nothing but real photos, real photos which look like just artificial miniature dioramas, painted shadows which look like real shadows, illusions such as Escher’s works, and surrealism paintings such as Dali and Magritte, and so on…浮世絵 エッシャー

     Anyway, I enjoyed the exhibition, and I was able to have extraordinary experience. I felt something tickle my brain…By the way, Nagoya City Art Museum is in a park named Shirakawa Koen. It was nice to feel the early summer breaze in the park, too!HI352373

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