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The Costume Party at Mairo


      Have you ever taken part in a consume party? I have! Actually there was one last Sunday at a tiny bakery shop named Mairo run by two beautiful sisters. The older sister has organized the party. That was really fun. Although it was the first time to see each other for most of us, we shared the time and the fantastic atmosphere, and enjoyed chatting over delicious food as like we’d known each other for a long time. Maybe I don’t need to write anything about the party. Moreover, it’s difficult for me to express it with words. So, look at pictures below…









チアリーダー となかい&ハワイアン ぬこ


変人1 変人2

マイロ~ 千寿

Milo’s webpage:

Be in Love, You will be happy: The Exhibition of Paul Gauguin


     This sculpture’s title is “Be in Love, You will be happy.” It’s one of Paul Gauguin’s works. Don’t you think it is nice? I had an opportunity to visit Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts on Monday. It was the first time to visit there for me. I had wanted to come to the museum once for a long time. But the chance suddenly came to me.

     “Do you have time on the 8th?” A friend of mine emailed me last week. She had a special ticket to enter the museum on only that day. Everyone could enter there with the person who had the exceptional ticket that day. She invited me to the unusual event. im_gallery_03

     Why unusual? The 8th of June was Monday. All of Nagoya City’s facilities, such as museums, the zoo and the botanical garden, and libraries and so on, are closed on Mondays. I replied “Yes! And I’d love to go to the museum with you!” right away. Actually I was going to see the exhibition of Gauguin within days. Her offering meant that I didn’t need to buy a ticket! Yaaaaaay!im_gallery_02

     So, she, I, and another friend of us went to Nogoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Kanayama, Nagoya on Monday.

     The entrance door was blocked when we arrived at the museum. Of course, it was closed on Mondays. But we saw some people entered the building which has the museum, and followed them. Yes, they had the same tickets. We were able to go inside of the museum safely. The museum was chartered by one of Japanese big enterprises that day. The friend who had the ticket has nothing with the company, but it seems that she’d got the ticket from someone of her friends. im_gallery_07

     Nagoya City Museum where I went to last week was really crowded and I was almost choked, but the museum was quiet and peace that day. Of course, it’s not that Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts is not popular. Actually it’s been really crowed recently because of the exhibition of Gauguin. Probably I would have been chocked again if I had visited on a normal day.









     But the museum was chartered that day, and we weren’t pushed nor cursed by others when we stood dead in front of famous and popular works of Gauguin. We were able to enjoy fine arts at a relaxed atmosphere. im_gallery_06

     My impression for Gauguin’s works was almost a series of paintings in Tahiti, as like naked women with black long straight hair, before the exhibition. I didn’t know that he made wood-printings, sculpture, or potteries. 

     By the way, I got interested in “Be in Love, You will be happy,” I introduced at the beginning, at the exhibition. Well, to be correct, I might be attracted by the title. I think Gauguin’s passion is outpouring from the sculpture with the title. Yeah, I’d always like to be in love! 😉

The Visual Deception Exhibition at Nagoya City Art Museum


     Look at this poster! It was painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian portrayer, at the end of the 16th century. As you see, the portrayed man was expressed by fruits, vegetables and flowers.

     There’s been an interesting exhibition called “Visual Deception” at Nagoya City Art Museum until today and you can enjoy seeing such interesting art works there.HI352374

     I went to see it last Wednesday. I thought it would be not so crowded on a weekday, but I was wrong. It was really jammed, and I was almost choked. I had to queue up for about 30 minutes for buying the ticket. (You can buy a ticket at a 100 yen discount if you show Nagoya Transit Authority’s one-day travel ticket or a prepaid ticket named Yurika card which has the date at the box office.)

さかな はがれてます 円柱





     At the exhibition, deceive many paintings and objects your brain. I got dizzy while being at the museum, but I think it was because not only the crowded condition, but also those works. Paintings which look like nothing but real photos, real photos which look like just artificial miniature dioramas, painted shadows which look like real shadows, illusions such as Escher’s works, and surrealism paintings such as Dali and Magritte, and so on…浮世絵 エッシャー

     Anyway, I enjoyed the exhibition, and I was able to have extraordinary experience. I felt something tickle my brain…By the way, Nagoya City Art Museum is in a park named Shirakawa Koen. It was nice to feel the early summer breaze in the park, too!HI352373

Catholic Samurai & the European Landscape : Jeff Woodger’s lecture & exhibition



     Catholic samurai and the European landscape. What image do you have of them when you hear the words? The postcard I got has a beautiful oil painting landscape and the words. The person who gave me the postcard is Dr. Jeff Woodger. I met him first at a station last April. Both of us took part in a hiking tour for Kaisho-no-mori forest at that time.

     “I’m an artist.” He replied to my question, “What are you doing here in Japan?” and gave me the postcard while waiting for other participants at the station. Printed one of his works “The Beautiful Looking East,” the postcard was the information of his exhibition at a gallery in Sakae and of his lecture at Nagoya University. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine him painting because he looked like a just adventurer from Australia that day. じぇふ

     Jeff’s lecture was held at Nagoya University on May 15. The title was that words: Catholic Samurai and the European Landscape”. I took it with some of my friends. Jeff looked like a serious professor during the lecture…After that, we had a small party outside. Jeff served “Vegemite” to the participants! HI352354

     Jeff got interested in a landscape painting by a British painter John Glover during he was at the Bendigo Art Gallery in Victoria, Australia as a curator in the late of 1980’s. According to Jeff, Glover was very influenced by Claude Lorraine, a French landscape painter in the 17th century. In 1994, Jeff came to Japan and studied Japanese and Chinese painting style. After that he move to England and discovered many similarities between Lorraine’s paintings and those oriental painting techniques. But there weren’t any proofs that Lorraine had been influenced by the East at that time. HI352369-a

     Moving back to Australia, Jeff began to research the mystery at the University of Ballart, Victoria in 2002 and has found out some interesting facts: Nobunaga Oda, the feudal lord in Japan, started to send Catholic samurai warriors to Roma in 1585. A French painter Deruet painted a portrait of a leader of a group of delegates Tsunenaga Hasekura in 1615. The Pope and cardinals were included in Lorraine’s patrons. Moreover, Lorraine worked with Deruet in 1626. – Thus, it’s highly possibility that Lorraine met Japanese people and saw their gifts included Japanese style paintings. HI352367

     Through many researches and studies, Jeff has created a new landscape painting style. Western landscape paintings usually have a fixed-point and viewers see them vertically, but Jeff’s new style landscape paintings have no fixed-point. So viewers see his pictures horizontally and can enjoy a tour inside the painting. In fact, his recent works looked like moving when I saw them directly at the gallery last Sunday. They looked like motion pictures. I felt the air, breeze, sunshine, sound of a stream, and songs of birds from his works. Interestingly Jeff was wearing a classical painter blouse at the gallery. I was about to take a photo of him, he put on a Japanese towel and a tricorn. He looked like a pirate!