Chat Tea Cafe



      That was almost a month ago. I had an opportunity to visit a café in Mizuho-ku, Nagoya last month. It’s Chat Tea Café. There was a tea-tasting seminar organized by M&P’s Tea there. I’ve joined in those seminars organized by the tea company several times, but it was the first time to visit the café for me then. In fact, it just opened last December. HI352220-a

     I know the teacher of the seminar, Mr. Paul Lewis, the president of M&P’s tea. He and his company hold not only tea-tasting seminar but also tea concerts to familiarize tea and the loveliness. I’ve met the owners of the café several times before they opened it at those tea-tasting seminars and tea concerts. By the way, M&P’s Tea’s “P” is from his name, Paul.

     Who runs the café is a new married couple: a Japanese woman named Rie and an English man Robin. Rie is a talented pastry chef and Robin used to be an English teacher. They’ve got started a new life together since they got married last year.

     They’ve opened a new style café, where people enjoy having drinks and delicious sweets made by Rie and chatting in English. You know, there are many English schools in Nagoya district, but not so many places to use English practically for English learners here. HI352226

     Chat Tea Café is a kind of membership-ship based café. There’re two types of memberships: You can become a monthly club member or buy a book of five coupons. If you sign up as a member, you can visit the café as many times as you want for a month. The fee of membership is 8,800yen a month. (It seems that they have three month and six month membership as well.) And a book of five coupons costs 11,000yen. HI352223

     If you get interested in the café while reading this page, I really recommend trying Rie’s sweets. I’m a great fan of her cake. She only uses highly-selected ingredients and always tries to make healthy food. I feel happy and uplifted when I eat her sweets! Of course, Rie’s sweets go well with M&P’s Tea’s high quality tea! 

     Oh, they have also alcohol if you don’t like sweets so much! Anyway, why don’t you visit the café once? You can be entertained free of charge for the first time!

Chat Tea Cafe
   Open 2:00 p.m. Close 11:00 p.m.

   Address: 6-24, Mizuho-dori, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya
   Phone: 052-851-5161


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