J’s Farewell Party


HI352170-a      I’m wondering where you are by now, J…He was supposed to fly to his country with his family from Centrair yesterday. He said his flight had a stopover in Hong Kong at his farewell party on January 21…HI352165-a

     J was a young (and handsome ;p) English teacher from New Zealand. I’ve taken his class once at a university. That was four years ago. Although I liked his class very much, unfortunately I wasn’t able to take his classes after that. But we have kept in touch.

     One day I received an email from an English teacher. He said “First, there is a faculty meeting starting at five that day, and who knows how long it will last there was a faculty meeting starting at five that day, and who knows how long it will last. Then, one of the foreign teachers is leaving the school to go back to New Zealand and there’s a farewell party for him following the meeting.”  HI352166HI352167

     What?! It threw me for a loop. It was not that the scheduled party had to be cancelled, but was that one of the teacher’s co-workers was leaving Japan. 

     I joined in English classes last year and I planned for having a class party with my teacher and classmates on January 16th. I was the party organizer and had already made a reservation at a restaurant that day. The teacher’s mail meant that I had to decide on when and where the class party would be held again.  HI352169-aHI352171

      But that was not so matter. What I panicked when I read the email was about his colleague’s leaving this country. New Zealand!? Oh, that’s J! J is leaving Japan soon! I wanted to see him before his leaving. That’s why I had two parties next week: J’s farewell party and a class party. 

     I started gathering participants to J’s farewell party and looking for a nice restaurant for him. He is a vegetarian. You know, it’s difficult to find a good place to eat out for vegetarians here in Nagoya. I, however, found a nice one on the Internet. 

     The restaurant’s name is Sato-Ka-Ko. It’s a quite strange name. It’s not a usual restaurant, but is a room of an apartment building. According to the information on the Internet, it serves original Japanese cuisines with herbs. I got interested in the restaurant and gave a phone class at once. Ms. Sato, the owner, sounded very nice and kind. She was pleased to accept my requests serving vegetarians’ dishes without using animal food.HI352164-aHI352175

     There were eight people at the party. We had a really wonderful time at the restaurant in an apartment because it was very cozy and all foods were wonderful. We enjoyed ourselves eating healthy food and chattering. I wished it hadn’t been a farewell party…OK, J, we your ex-students will go to your new home in New Zealand someday! And…let me know when you would like to come back to Japan!


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