A New Year Party


HI352162-a     There was a New Year party on January 14. It was Wednesday. I’m usually in the classroom on Wednesday night, but I was in a house that day. The party was held at my teacher’s house. Most of her students got together there not in the classroom! The party was very boisterous.

     I’ve learned English for some years, but the class is not a usual conversation one. It’s a kind of phonetic class, where students learn how to pronounce and train listening to English, at NHK Cultural Center in Sakae, Nagoya. HI352160-a

     I don’t know it’s a main reason though my class has been suffering from lack of students. I mean English daily conversation classes taught by native speakers are quite popular here in Nagoya, but phonetic classes especially taught by Japanese teachers are not so much. That’s why my class had been told that it would be cancelled soon by the cultural center’s stuffers many times.

     So, I thought that we might not be able to see each other in the classroom in January and the New Year party might become a farewell party at the final class last December. But there are nine students in my class this month! Wow! HI352161-a

     My teacher was going to treat her students with some of her homemade dishes especially American cuisines, but her plan was spoiled. All of her students brought many foods to her house. You know, that’s a kind of Japanese tradition. Guests usually bring something to their host’s house. I also brought some pizzas and dumplings. 

     That’s why she got disappointed and a little bit angry! She had been planning to welcome her students with American style! But foods in front of us were gyoza, ten-musu, goheimochi, sushi, fruits and sweets and etc…so I coaxed her into cooking somehow.

     Luckily she bounced back and cooked for us. She cooked very well! I didn’t know that she is such a great cook! All her dishes were excellent! All of the participants enjoyed themselves having wonderful food and interesting conversations at the party. Thank you for having us, Sensei! Let’s have an American style party next time!



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