The Year-End Karaoke Party in 2008



     “Are you busy after Christmas? I think that karaoke party last year was great…” The other day D came to me and said that. I understood what he meant. He asked me to have a karaoke party at the end of this month. We had a year-end karaoke party at Shidax, the karaoke place, in Nagakute last year.

     I remembered that there had been about 15 participants at the karaoke party and that I had to rent two rooms for that while hearing his words. And I thought, “Time flies! It’s been one year since the former party!” HI352138-a

     D continued, “It’s convenient for me to have the party on 27th this year.” “OK,” I said and decided to have the party this year on 27th. I thought, however, it would be difficult to gather people this year because most Japanese people are busy preparing for New Year around that day. HI352139-aSo only 9 adult and 1 child came to the karaoke party this year.

     Last year we had the party on 26th. At that time I was surprised that so many people took part in the party at the end of year, but the one day difference between 26th and 27th is very big.

     This year’s party was much smaller than last year’s, but it was very cozy. I think we had a good time in a comfortable atmosphere. We sang from very old English songs to very new Japanese Pops for two hours. Probably I’ll have a year-end karaoke party next year too! It may become annual event!


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