The Tai Chi Classes’ Parties




     I’ve joined in two parties after tai chi courses at Aichi Shukutoku Univeristy. They’ve been nice experiences for me lately. My tai chi teacher has many classes in Nagoya, and has also three classes at the university, which has many open courses for adult.

     One of the three classes is held at the gymnastic on Hoshigaoka campus of the university on Tuesdays and the rest are at a room of its dormitory named I House for foreign students on Thursdays. I’d taken one on Hoshigaoka campus since I began two years ago, but I had to move to I House’s class in the second semester. Because Hoshigaoka’s class had too many students, people who could come to I House were asked to move there this time.  HI352132

     Although I agreed to change the class, I had another class of Spanish every other Thursday. So I showed up in both places, Hoshigaoka and I House, this fall. That’s why I was able to take part in the two parties of the both.HI352135-a

     One of the parties for the students of Hoshigaka campus was held at a room of the university on 16th. It’s difficult to find a restaurant which has a big room near the campus because the number of the participants is more than 25. That’s why we always ask the university to use a room for the party and have lunch catered there.  HI352136-a

     It was nice for me to have lunch together with my friends. And because more than ten new faces joined this semester, it was also a great opportunity to talk to them. Amazingly most of the participants have many interests except for tai chi and are active people. I was cheered up by their positive energy at the party.  HI352134

     Another party was held at a restaurant named Uga-tei in Nisshin on 25th. As I said, I’d belonged to Hoshigaka’s class. So it was almost the first time for me to talk to students of I House’s class and to have lunch together with them. All of them are very nice and kind and they’re also positive thinkers. I had a really good time at the party with the delicious lunch and interesting conversations.  HI352137

     I don’t know whether people who happen to practice tai chi at our classes are nice and active or tai chi changes people’s thoughts to positive ones, but most of my classmates are really lively and they always make me feel cheerful. And I may also make others’ spirits up! Active energy goes in circle!


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