A Happy Night


     There was a party after an English course finished on 15 two weeks ago. It was held after the last class at 8:30 in the evening at a restaurant named Miyuki near Chukyo University. The English class is one of the university’s extension courses for adult. I’d joined in the class since last April.

     It was the first time for me to see my classmates closely and to hear even their names properly because that we had no self-introductions and that I had been sitting in the front of the class. Students didn’t have many opportunities to talk to other students and look back and see them in the classroom because it was neither a conversation nor a discussion class. It’s a class with Chigasaki Method. I’m going to tell about it later.

     That’s why I was curious about my classmates, but so were they! We talked about ourselves and how each one usually studies English at the party. And some of the participants asked our teacher to give advice for studying. Of course, we not only talked seriously but also enjoyed foods and drinksHI352127-a

     Interestingly most of the participants have studied English for some years and take other English classes except for our class. That is, we’ve been struggling to improve our English skills in some way. I had a really good time with such positive-thinking people, over delicious food.

     Now, Chigasaki Method is a kind of English learning way, created by four Japanese ex-news persons in international broadcasting about thirty years ago. English learners listen to current news and memorize them in the method. That I knew the existence was at a lecture last March.

     The lecturer, a professor at Nihon Fukushi University, said, “Translate those 20 Japanese sentences in English within two minutes from now, please. OK? Go!” Sadly I couldn’t do even half. “Ha ha! It seemed to be difficult for most of you!” he said and smiled, “OK, then, looks at the Japanese translations at the next page, please. See? They are not difficult, aren’t they? But you couldn’t make those easy English sentences. It’s because you are not used to it. You need to practice getting out English sentences!” And then he used Chigasaki Method at the lecture.  HI352129-a

     After the lecture I started finding a place where I could study English with the method. And I found one at Chukyo University! It was hard for me to catch news materials of the class when I started joining the class last April, but it was getting easier and easier as the classes continued. Although I didn’t become able to catch all news completely by the course finished, it seems that I’ve been improving at least my listening skills.

     On my way home from the party, I took the taxi with one of my classmates and we talked about learning English. When the classmate got out of the car and I became only the passenger, the driver started talking to me. He had kept on listening to our conversation with great interest.

     The driver also learns English! I couldn’t get out of the taxi after it stopped in front of my apartment building because he was too excited to stop his talking! He showed many learning materials to me happily: text books, magazine written in English and CDs. He said cheerfully, “I can’t help being amused when studying English!” I was given a lift by many nice friends and our wonderful teacher, delicious foods and drinks, and the hilarious driver that night!

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