The Exhibition of Oguiss



     I visited Inazawa City Oguiss Memorial Art Museum on 14th, which was the last day of the special exhibition of Takanori Oguiss.

     Takanori Oguiss (or Ogisu) is a painter. Born in Inazawa in 1901, he spent most of his life time and died in Paris at age of 84 in 1986. oguiss1

     During World War II he’d been in Japan, but he became the first Japanese painter permitted to go back to France postwar. That’s why most of his works are paintings of Paris’ streets. oguiss5

     Early his works look quite rough touch, but seemed to become brighter and lighter every year. I like his colors, especially orange. Most of the street corners, the shops, the restaurants, and the apartments in his paintings are old and pell-mell or ruined. Strangely enough, those old buildings have become fine arts from his point of view.  oguiss2

     But I think it was because those buildings existed in Paris. I mean they were attractive by their colors and letters of French words and the streets’ atmosphere for Japanese. I think he mightn’t have painted old Japanese houses if he had been only in Japan.  oguiss4

     The museum was built to honor Oguiss at the place of his birth in 1983. It has many his works, but this time the special exhibition was held as the Inazawa City’s 50th and the museum’s 25th anniversary celebration, gathering other his works. It was the first time to be shown 43 of his lithographs donated in 1983 by his wife.

     Anyway I enjoyed looking at his wonderful works that day. The museum has an authentic reproduction of Oguiss’s studio as well. You can see the video of his life there. The museum is located in the park. Why don’t you relaxing at the museum and the park?

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