The 44th Foreign Students Evening


     I went to see the 44th Foreign Students Evening hosted by Aichi Foreign Students’ Association at Nagoya International Center Annex Hall on 13th with some of my friends. There we enjoyed seeing many performances conducted by foreign students and trying many ethnic foods cooked by them.HI352105

     The reason why I was able to know about it was that Monu, who is from Bangladesh and lives nearby, came to me with a flyer of the event at the end of last month. According to her, the people involved in the event were given the flyers and tickets to advertise it. So I told my friends and bought some tickets from her. HI352104

     At the International Food Fest, there were many ethnic foods: fried pumpkin and mutton bun of Uyghur, fried spring roll and noodle of Vietnam, food named palaw and kofta of Afghanistan, boiled dumpling of China, beans croquettes of Bangladesh, curry of India, rice named nasigoreng of Indonesia, and Peruvian and Korean foods. My friends and I enjoyed some foods, chattering to some Brazilian people at the same table. HI352103-a

     After having food, we enjoyed seeing many performances by foreign students at the hall: Chinese arranged classical piano playing, Peruvian traditional dance Marinera, the introduction of Malaysia, tai chi performance by a Chinese man, Indonesian dance, the introduction of Bahrain, Uzbekistani dance, the introduction of Vietnamese traditional clothes, Sri Lankan dance, Silk Road and Uyghur, Mexican and Guatemalan dances, Bangladeshi dance, the introduction of Indian culture, and Nepali music and so on. HI352107

     Amazingly many of the foreign students spoke Japanese fluently. What I was the most impressed is that a Chinese student sitting in the seat asked Chinese performers onstage in Japanese and the performers answered to the questions in Japanese for other audience! I am incapable of speaking English well in spite of learning for even many years! HI352110

     By the way, two of my friends who I was in the event with are GFP’s founders. So they hunt some foreign students to invite to their parties in a positive way. I’m looking forward to seeing those students at the parties next year. Anyway I had a nice time at the event.

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