Two Wonderful Concerts


kayoko      I listened to songs for more than six hours on Saturday of the 6th… Two of my friends practice singing English songs. Each of them belongs to a class, one is in Asahi Culture Center and another one is in Chukyo University. Both of the classes had concerts on the same day. HI352073

     Fortunately I was able to go to both of them because Asahi Culture Center’s class’s concert started at 1:00 p.m. and Chukyo University’s one started at 7:00 p.m..The former was held at Swing, the Jazz bar, in Shin-Sakae and the latter at Jazz Merry Poppins in Yagoto. 

     The number of the singers at Swing was 15. Most of them sang two songs such as Over the Rainbow, You don’t Have to Say You Love Me, You’ve Got a Friend, You’d be So Nice to Come Home to, It’s Only a Paper Moon, Lullaby of Birdland, Save the Best for Last and so on. kayoko 3

     I went Swing with two of my friends, and we enjoyed ourselves listening to their songs over food and drink for lunch. All the performers looked so happy while singing. I thought they had practiced singing so hard for the concert. Although some made mistakes in their lyrics with nervous, I think, the concert was just about successful. keiko 1

     After the concert I said good-bye to the two of my friends and headed for Yagoto for myself to go to the other. I had time, however, until it started. So I decided to have myself massaged at Aeon, the shopping center, before the next concert. After sitting for three hours, my back and shoulders had become very tight. I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep sitting for more three hours…The massage made me refreshed! keiko 3

     It’d been already dark outside when I went out. Jazz Merry Poppins is a ten-minute walk away in northern area from Aeon. A big contrabass welcomed me outside of the bar when arriving.

     While I ordered a vegetable salad and a glass of ginger ale and waited for starting having them, an elderly man asked me to share the table. He said he is a friend of the parents of the bassist for the concert. I was very happy to have a temporary boyfriend!HI352101

     The Chukyo University’s classes’ concert was also wonderful. The number of the singers was probably more than 20. All of them sang enthusiastically, and the concert was really exciting. I was able to enjoy myself at the concert. HI352102

     In both of the afternoon and evening concerts, the performers were various. I mean they are young student, business men and women, middle aged house wives, retired people and etc.

     It was amazing for me that so many Japanese people were interested in singing English songs and loved singing in public! Anyway I had a great day!


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