Lomo Saltado



     The other day I took part in an interesting practice cooking. It was as part of an intro class of Spanish at a university. At the class the students learned how to greet, ask time and place, and order food at restaurants and so on in Spanish.

     The class was an introduction PeruHI352043-avian culture as well. Each student planned their own itinerary in Cuzco, practiced how to ask the way to places in Spanish with a map of Cuzco, and sang two Peruvian children songs. And we cooked a famous food in Peru in the class. It was lomo saltadoHI352050-a

     Lomo saltado is stir-fried sirloin and vegetables and served with French fries and rice. You slice sirloin, onions, ahi amaliyos or yellow peppers, and tomatoes, and fry them with oil. You chopped parsley and add it to the fry pan. You season it with salt, pepper and soy sauce. (In Peru they add chemical seasoning too.) You put the dish on French fries, and serve it with rice.   HI352052-a

     The number of students in the class was about 12. So we were divided into three groups and did practice cooking. At the practice cooking class, a Peruvian came to the classroom for teaching the dish. She is a friend of the class teacher, and is also a friend of mine. She is a really good cook. And I was very surprised to know most of us were great at cooking. Some were able to peel tomatoes with knife! Me? I tried, but gave up soon!

     About one hour later, we finished cooking and tried our lomo saltado and panettone with coca tea. HI352053^a

     The lomo saltado was wonderful! Panettone is a kind of fruit bread, eaten on Christmas in Peru and other countries. The bread was also nice. It was the first time to try coca tea, which was blended with mint leaves. That tasted interesting.

     We enjoyed chatting over those delicious foods and tea. We talked a lot of things, laughing and had a really wonderful time together. I think the class was really nice.HI352054 

     I tried to cook lomo saltado later at home. But I used chicken breast instead of beef at that time. So, it was not lomo saltado, might be pollo saltado. I used green peppers and chili powder because it is difficult to get ahi amaliyos in Japan. And I added a carrot for color. It might not be like Peruvian food, but that was also delicious!


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