An Interesting Lecture



     I had an opportunity to take part in an interesting lecture by an American lady ten days ago. She’s a poet, photographer, artist and English teacher. She’s written many articles in Avenue, a quarterly magazine on Nagoya in English. I’ve read her articles and been interested in her views and photos.

     She talked about her life, her experiences in Japan, and her vision. All of them are really interesting for me. I think she enjoys her life as freeman.

     She is originally from Portland, the U.S. and lived in Denver Colorado for more than 30 years. She has four children and six grandchildren. But her present partner is not their immediate family member. She remarried after about 15-year-her single life three years ago. Her new partner is also from the U.S.

     Remarriage is nothing new, but it was new for me to have seen a person who got married through a dating site. How modern! I thought Americans might more innovative than Japanese when I heard of the story. 

     But according to her, her family and her present husband’s family opposed their remarrying. I think it’s natural response for family members. My mother has been single for some years after divorce. I might get confused if she mentioned her remarriage. But I would accept her decision finally. So did their families! Now she has many grandchildren because her new partner also has grandchildren. HI352021

     Before getting remarried, they lived by themselves each other in other countries far from the U.S. After they got married, they decided to live in Japan. I think they did because for them Japan is exotic, still safety and is in demand of English teachers. 

     Japan from her eyes is really wonderful. She and her husband seem to enjoy their lives here in Japan. In her view, Japanese people are kind and Japan has own culture and they are fantastic. Of course, I was very happy to hear that as Japanese. But I think that she thinks so and enjoys her life because of her mind. She always thank to everything and is good at seeing the positive side.

     I have met some people from other countries who used to always complain about Japan and Japanese people before. According to them, Japanese people are unfriendly, Japanese rules are too strict, Japan is a boring country because it has lost its own culture and westernized completely.

     I thought their complaining kind of made sense when I heard of them. But I thought that they felt so because of their mind at the time. They left Japan with curse. They may be drifters who are looking for their ideal world. I think they won’t find it forever unless they change their mind. I think happiness exist in your mind, not somewhere faraway.

     Anyway she really enjoys her life with her loving husband. I’m sure that she can find happiness anywhere she is and anytime. She is planning to write books on her experiences in China and Japan and on Basho, who was a haiku poet writer after going back to the U.S next February. She has been very busy days for her business and her interests, but she looks so happy. I felt my spirit emerge at her lecture.


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