A Wonderful Autumn Day


     Many Japanese people think Cherry blossoms are symbol of Japan. And the way of their petals fall is sometimes linked with the spirit of Japanese samurai worriers.

     Cherry blossoms are short-lived. Their fragility makes many people kind of absent minded during the season for cherry-blossoms viewing. That’s as if they were ill of fever. After all petals of cherry blossoms fall off, people resume their regular lives.  HI352024

     So, do you know there’re cherry trees which bloom in both of the spring and the autumn in Japan? They are called shiki-zakura in Japanese. People can enjoy seeing their blossoms not only in the autumn but also for a while. They don’t have the fragility, many Japanese like, but people can enjoy seeing gentle pink colored cherry blossoms and beautiful autumn colored leaves at the same time! HI352028

     I was able to have an opportunity to go see the wonderful sceneries two days ago. There’s a small village called Obara-mura in Toyota City. It is well-known for shiki-zakura, the cherry trees bloom in the autumn too, and handmade Japanese paper. I visited the village with some of my tai chi friends on Tuesday. HI352034

     It was bad weather that day, but there were many tourists came to the area to see shiki-zakura. I was very surprised to see not only so many people and but also so many cherry trees. I had thought that there was an old shiki-zakura cherry tree in the village and people went to see it before visiting. But there are so many shiki-zakura trees in the village.  HI352036

     Actually the village has an old cherry tree of shiki-zakura as the special natural monument. According to some of my friends, there has been a kind of boost the village economy project for several years, and villagers have planted many of the cherry trees in their village for one of the strategies. Anyway, that was a wonderful experience for me to enjoy seeing cherry blossoms and autumn colors all together. HI352039

     On our way back to Nagoya, we dropped into another tourist attraction, Korankei. It’s famous for red and yellow colors of maple leaves in the autumn. The park is illuminated in the evening during the autumn festival. Beautifully autumn colored maple trees looked very mysterious under the illumination. HI352041

     There are many stalls in the park for tourists. We were able to enjoy the scenery over many delicious foods: goheimochi, or spread rice on a wood stick with miso, grilled sausages and fish. I had a really good time that day.


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