We were born on this earth



     Most of my friends have been very busy, doing many things. TM is one of them. She is one of my tai chi fellows and a member of a chorus in Toyota. I’d longed to see her singing onstage for a long time, and I got an opportunity last week at last.

     She came and handed an envelope to me when I was doing warm-up exercise before practicing tai chi the other day. I opened the envelope and found a ticket for a sing in which she was going to perform. HI352004

     The sing was held as the chorus’ 45th anniversary at Kaba House Hall in Toyota on November 8th.

     I was surprised to see the place because it was much bigger than I had imagined. There was a long line for entering when I arrived at the hall. I thought most of them might be their families of the members of the chorus because I saw many children and their mothers and fathers and grandparents. HI352005

     I sat in the front row and waited for the curtain. After a while, the chorus and came out and then the conductor and a piano accompanist also appeared, but their first song was a cappella. It was a suite entitled “hanga,” or print art, from “nanto-uta-asobi,” or songs play of a southern island, and has four songs: asa-no-inori, or morning grace; syukaku, or harvest; ikoi or relaxation; and yoki-na-musumetachi, or cheerful girls.  HI352007

     The chorus consisted of thirty not-so-young 😉 women, and some of them looked in their seventies or eighties. Amazingly, their singing voice was so powerful and energetic. Their voice was not drawn out by the piano obbligato at all. After the songs a cappella, I listened to sakura sakura, or cherry blossoms; chisana concerto, or small concerto; and garasu-no-me, or glass eyes. HI352012

     Each song was wonderful, but I liked the last song. It was a kind of monology by a doll with glass eyes. It said, “If God made human, human may be God for me because they made me.” The song made me think what human has done in the past…

     After a break, who came out to the stage were the pianist and the conductor, not the chorus. Then the conductor began singing after a monologue. HI352011

     He is a quite nice singer. According to the leaflet, he’s a professional singer and actor. He sang When You Wish upon a Star; gin-iro-no-michi, or a silver road; Country Road; and When a Child is born. While he was singing Country Road, the choral women appeared after changing their costumes. The stage was really nice. I was able to enjoy not only listening to songs but also seeing their performances. 

     For the last stage, the chorus changed into beautiful light blue colored dresses and then came out. They looked so lovely. The last music was a suite entitled kono-hoshi-no-uede, or on this earth. It has five songs: haru, or spring; chikyu-no-kyaku, or the earth’s guests; obento-no-uta, or a song of lunch box; hohoemi, or smile; kotoshi, or this year. HI352014

     The suite and other songs sounded kind of praise for the earth and thank to it. Actually the sing has a title: kono-hoshi-ni-umarete, or We were born on this earth. The chorus might try to give the message through the songs. I had a really wonderful time at the sing. I hope they will have their 50th anniversary sing five years later.


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