Be more than a friend but less than a lover to common cold


     I have a cold…temperature, cough, runny nose, sore throat, etc…I looked for information about cold on the Internet because I wanted to get well soon the other day, when I found an interesting webpage entitled “Be more than a friend but less than a lover to common cold” in Japanese.     Here’s a summary of the article.          The Way to Deal with Common Cold*Colds may throw off all kinds of diseases.
     In the thinking way of Oriental medicine, cold is a kind of self purification to cleanse the body of accumulated poisons, is not a disease. It’s often said that “Colds may lead to all kinds of diseases,” it’s, however, better to think that “Colds may throw off all kinds of diseases.” It’s not good to take cold medicine to control symptoms. That prolongs recovery. *What’s a Cold?
     Common cold is not a disease like a flu, which is caused by a certain virus. Some viruses often trigger a cold, but which is a kind of self purification for your body. 風邪 *The Poisons and Internal Disorders that Induce Common Cold
     There are three kinds of poisons in the body: ones via the oral route, ones formed in the body, and congenital ones. Those poisons have tendency to be collected to the nerve system such as head, neck, lymph gland, and back. If you don’t eat many vegetables besides taking too much petroleum food additives and medicines, your excretory function will not work well. Those poisons not only make you exhausted but also cause even cancers and other diseases. Cold exists for discharging the poisons. *Role of Cold
     Cold has various kinds of symptoms. Each symptom has much to do with where the poisons have been collected in the body. 風邪2 *Stupidity of suppressing cold
     It’s senseless to control symptoms of cold with medicine because cold itself is medicine for disorder of the body. *What should we do for recovery from cold as soon as possible?
     You should support cold and try to remove poisons from your body quickly. You shouldn’t repress cough and runny nose. If you have a sore throat, you might not need to eat for a while for giving your stomach a chance to take a break. If you have a high fever, you should warm the lower half of the body.*What should we do not to catch a cold?
     It’s important not to collect poisons in your body and not to eat too much. You should take as few medicine and processed food. It’s, however, difficult to reduce all poisons in our daily diet because many food contains pesticide and food additives. So, it’s necessary to have a cold for us. Conversely, lives of people who don’t catch cold at all may be in danger.      Having a cold is a message from my body. Recently I’ve eaten out for lunch every day and for dinner three times a week. And I tend to eat too much. That is, I’ve given too much food including lots of poisons to my body. Before I caught a cold, I’ve had a stomach problem for a while. Looking back, that was a signal from my body too. I should give more attention to caring for my body.


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