The Cooking Class for Halloween


Lina's cc4 
     How are you? I have a cold…sore throat, runny and blocked nose, cough, fever…ugh…Before my condition got worse, I was able to join in a wonderful cooking class last weekend. I met the teacher from Latvia at Global Friendship Party, which is held almost once a month, four days before the class.

     The teacher’s house is in Miwa-cho, Aichi Prefecture. I got off the train at Shippo station and the teacher’s husband was kind enough to come there to pick me. There were nine students, including a Canadian lady, in the class that day. Most of them live in the area. We learned how to cook chili beans and pumpkin pie this time.  Lina's cc

     Why chili beans and pumpkin pie? I thought that first because I don’t think those are Latvia’s cuisine. But her husband is from the U.S. He is originally from Japan, but he had been in the U.S. in his life. Chili and pumpkin pie seem to be the staple for Halloween party there.  Lina's cc3

     Actually I prefer eating to cooking. You know, the class had nine students. So luckily I didn’t need to chop vegetables, to stir the pot, or to wash the dishes. I just cheered for the others! I didn’t do anything in the kitchen, but chili beans and a pumpkin pie were ready in the process. Lin's cc2

     We decided to eat them in the garden, which didn’t look like a Japanese house’s at all. It is lain turf and quite big and has a statue, many decollations for Halloween, and a barbecue oven. The house itself stands out prominently in the old settlement, where most houses are old traditional Japanese style and appear that they were built more than 50 years ago. But just the house is rather new and western style.

     I had really good time with many nice people over delicious chili beans and pumpkin pie. We had the chili with bread baked by the teacher. Her bread tasted wonderful as well. Lina's cc5

     I was impressed by her stand. I mean she doesn’t buy off the peg so much, especially food. She always thinks of her and her family’s health. They have a two-year boy. I’m sure they’re giving him the security of a loving marriage. Actually she has a baby in her body and is expectant next month. I wish her a safe delivery. 

     Anyway I enjoyed myself at the cooking class and learned how important to think about our daily food and life style for our health there. It’s, however, difficult for me to even bake bread every day…


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