Tai Chi Training Camp in 2008


Last weekend I was in Nishiura-onsen hot spring, Gamagori. Annual tai chi training camp was held there. I took part in it with some of my friends. It was getting clear up after rain that morning when we got to the place, which was located by the seaside. HI351979     We were going to have lunch at the hotel because all the participants were supposed to get together in the garden of the hotel at one o’clock. But the hotel staff said, “We don’t have any restaurants.” 

     Really? That’s why, we had to go back to town. But we thought that we didn’t see any restaurants on our way to the hotel. HI351980
     Fortunately we were able to find a sushi restaurant nearby. Actually it was the place where one of the friends and I had lunch last March together with people who we had become friends at the former tai chi training camp last year. That restaurant’s sushi is really nice. HI351982
     After lunch, we get back to the hotel and took part in the meeting. I don’t know exactly how many people joined the camp, but I guess there were more than 300 people in it.
     Most people were wearing formal uniforms; white short kimono and white pants and black belt. It was spectacular to see so many people in the same traditional Japanese training wears. We practiced tai chi for about two hours in gusty wind.HI351983       The dinner was sumptuous Japanese style dishes. A small table was for each person and there were many kinds of foods on it. During the feast, there was a quiz time by way of entertainment. When the MC gave a question about the basic theories for tai chi, one man shouted, “It’s goya, or bitter melon! Bitter meloooooooooon!” He must have drunken.      Next morning, we started practicing at six thirty in the morning! I am usually in the bed at that time. But I got up at five and took part in the training that day. Although I was very sleepy while practicing, it was nice to move my body in the early morning. After that, we had breakfast. That was gorgeous, too. You know, my usual breakfast is simple; toast and coffee. HI351988      After breakfast, we did tai chi again, and then there was a test to get grand master of tai chi for test-takers. The number of them was 45. They were separated into two groups and the test was done. Fortunately all of them got through it. Congratulations! HI351987      I think it’s good for your health to join in the training camp, but I got out of shape after coming back home. I had had a temperature for three days…Did I do tai chi too much?



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