The Air Show at Hamamatsu Air Base



     The first Sunday of this month I went to Hamamatsu, where the Air Base of Japan Air Self-Defense Force is. I went to see an air show there with some of my friends by a bus tour. HI351958

     The bus left Nagoya Station at seven in the morning. Our bus didn’t get stuck in traffic and arrived at Hamamatsu around nine o’clock. As we were getting nearer the base, we were able to see planes in the sky above us, and the passengers’ feelings were uplifting. 

     The parking lot was inside the base, but it was far from the festival place. So, we had to use the shuttle bus. There in the sky was a strange-looking HI351960plane flying above us and the noise excited us. 

     At the festival place, we were very surprised at the numbers of stalls. I guess there were more than a hundred stalls in narrow approaches.

     Half of them were food stalls, and they were selling Japanese light meal or snacks such as yakisoba, or flied noodle, or takoyaki, or octopus dumpling ball, and the half rest were selling military goods such as camouflage-printed wears and dog tags. And there many men were snatching up what they had been looking for. MA320074

     We saw many planes’ and choppers’ aerial acrobatics. Their performances were amazing. Among them, Blue Impulse’s maneuver acrobatics were spectacular. MA320104

     Blue Impulse is the aerobatic demonstration team of Japan Air Self-Defense Force formed in 1960. It’s said that the pilots of Blue Impulse are elite. Admittedly we really enjoyed seeing their breathtaking performances.

I wish the beautiful planes and the pilots’ skills won’t be used for wars…


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