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Be more than a friend but less than a lover to common cold


     I have a cold…temperature, cough, runny nose, sore throat, etc…I looked for information about cold on the Internet because I wanted to get well soon the other day, when I found an interesting webpage entitled “Be more than a friend but less than a lover to common cold” in Japanese.     Here’s a summary of the article.          The Way to Deal with Common Cold*Colds may throw off all kinds of diseases.
     In the thinking way of Oriental medicine, cold is a kind of self purification to cleanse the body of accumulated poisons, is not a disease. It’s often said that “Colds may lead to all kinds of diseases,” it’s, however, better to think that “Colds may throw off all kinds of diseases.” It’s not good to take cold medicine to control symptoms. That prolongs recovery. *What’s a Cold?
     Common cold is not a disease like a flu, which is caused by a certain virus. Some viruses often trigger a cold, but which is a kind of self purification for your body. 風邪 *The Poisons and Internal Disorders that Induce Common Cold
     There are three kinds of poisons in the body: ones via the oral route, ones formed in the body, and congenital ones. Those poisons have tendency to be collected to the nerve system such as head, neck, lymph gland, and back. If you don’t eat many vegetables besides taking too much petroleum food additives and medicines, your excretory function will not work well. Those poisons not only make you exhausted but also cause even cancers and other diseases. Cold exists for discharging the poisons. *Role of Cold
     Cold has various kinds of symptoms. Each symptom has much to do with where the poisons have been collected in the body. 風邪2 *Stupidity of suppressing cold
     It’s senseless to control symptoms of cold with medicine because cold itself is medicine for disorder of the body. *What should we do for recovery from cold as soon as possible?
     You should support cold and try to remove poisons from your body quickly. You shouldn’t repress cough and runny nose. If you have a sore throat, you might not need to eat for a while for giving your stomach a chance to take a break. If you have a high fever, you should warm the lower half of the body.*What should we do not to catch a cold?
     It’s important not to collect poisons in your body and not to eat too much. You should take as few medicine and processed food. It’s, however, difficult to reduce all poisons in our daily diet because many food contains pesticide and food additives. So, it’s necessary to have a cold for us. Conversely, lives of people who don’t catch cold at all may be in danger.      Having a cold is a message from my body. Recently I’ve eaten out for lunch every day and for dinner three times a week. And I tend to eat too much. That is, I’ve given too much food including lots of poisons to my body. Before I caught a cold, I’ve had a stomach problem for a while. Looking back, that was a signal from my body too. I should give more attention to caring for my body.

The Cooking Class for Halloween


Lina's cc4 
     How are you? I have a cold…sore throat, runny and blocked nose, cough, fever…ugh…Before my condition got worse, I was able to join in a wonderful cooking class last weekend. I met the teacher from Latvia at Global Friendship Party, which is held almost once a month, four days before the class.

     The teacher’s house is in Miwa-cho, Aichi Prefecture. I got off the train at Shippo station and the teacher’s husband was kind enough to come there to pick me. There were nine students, including a Canadian lady, in the class that day. Most of them live in the area. We learned how to cook chili beans and pumpkin pie this time.  Lina's cc

     Why chili beans and pumpkin pie? I thought that first because I don’t think those are Latvia’s cuisine. But her husband is from the U.S. He is originally from Japan, but he had been in the U.S. in his life. Chili and pumpkin pie seem to be the staple for Halloween party there.  Lina's cc3

     Actually I prefer eating to cooking. You know, the class had nine students. So luckily I didn’t need to chop vegetables, to stir the pot, or to wash the dishes. I just cheered for the others! I didn’t do anything in the kitchen, but chili beans and a pumpkin pie were ready in the process. Lin's cc2

     We decided to eat them in the garden, which didn’t look like a Japanese house’s at all. It is lain turf and quite big and has a statue, many decollations for Halloween, and a barbecue oven. The house itself stands out prominently in the old settlement, where most houses are old traditional Japanese style and appear that they were built more than 50 years ago. But just the house is rather new and western style.

     I had really good time with many nice people over delicious chili beans and pumpkin pie. We had the chili with bread baked by the teacher. Her bread tasted wonderful as well. Lina's cc5

     I was impressed by her stand. I mean she doesn’t buy off the peg so much, especially food. She always thinks of her and her family’s health. They have a two-year boy. I’m sure they’re giving him the security of a loving marriage. Actually she has a baby in her body and is expectant next month. I wish her a safe delivery. 

     Anyway I enjoyed myself at the cooking class and learned how important to think about our daily food and life style for our health there. It’s, however, difficult for me to even bake bread every day…

Tai Chi Training Camp in 2008


Last weekend I was in Nishiura-onsen hot spring, Gamagori. Annual tai chi training camp was held there. I took part in it with some of my friends. It was getting clear up after rain that morning when we got to the place, which was located by the seaside. HI351979     We were going to have lunch at the hotel because all the participants were supposed to get together in the garden of the hotel at one o’clock. But the hotel staff said, “We don’t have any restaurants.” 

     Really? That’s why, we had to go back to town. But we thought that we didn’t see any restaurants on our way to the hotel. HI351980
     Fortunately we were able to find a sushi restaurant nearby. Actually it was the place where one of the friends and I had lunch last March together with people who we had become friends at the former tai chi training camp last year. That restaurant’s sushi is really nice. HI351982
     After lunch, we get back to the hotel and took part in the meeting. I don’t know exactly how many people joined the camp, but I guess there were more than 300 people in it.
     Most people were wearing formal uniforms; white short kimono and white pants and black belt. It was spectacular to see so many people in the same traditional Japanese training wears. We practiced tai chi for about two hours in gusty wind.HI351983       The dinner was sumptuous Japanese style dishes. A small table was for each person and there were many kinds of foods on it. During the feast, there was a quiz time by way of entertainment. When the MC gave a question about the basic theories for tai chi, one man shouted, “It’s goya, or bitter melon! Bitter meloooooooooon!” He must have drunken.      Next morning, we started practicing at six thirty in the morning! I am usually in the bed at that time. But I got up at five and took part in the training that day. Although I was very sleepy while practicing, it was nice to move my body in the early morning. After that, we had breakfast. That was gorgeous, too. You know, my usual breakfast is simple; toast and coffee. HI351988      After breakfast, we did tai chi again, and then there was a test to get grand master of tai chi for test-takers. The number of them was 45. They were separated into two groups and the test was done. Fortunately all of them got through it. Congratulations! HI351987      I think it’s good for your health to join in the training camp, but I got out of shape after coming back home. I had had a temperature for three days…Did I do tai chi too much?


The Air Show at Hamamatsu Air Base



     The first Sunday of this month I went to Hamamatsu, where the Air Base of Japan Air Self-Defense Force is. I went to see an air show there with some of my friends by a bus tour. HI351958

     The bus left Nagoya Station at seven in the morning. Our bus didn’t get stuck in traffic and arrived at Hamamatsu around nine o’clock. As we were getting nearer the base, we were able to see planes in the sky above us, and the passengers’ feelings were uplifting. 

     The parking lot was inside the base, but it was far from the festival place. So, we had to use the shuttle bus. There in the sky was a strange-looking HI351960plane flying above us and the noise excited us. 

     At the festival place, we were very surprised at the numbers of stalls. I guess there were more than a hundred stalls in narrow approaches.

     Half of them were food stalls, and they were selling Japanese light meal or snacks such as yakisoba, or flied noodle, or takoyaki, or octopus dumpling ball, and the half rest were selling military goods such as camouflage-printed wears and dog tags. And there many men were snatching up what they had been looking for. MA320074

     We saw many planes’ and choppers’ aerial acrobatics. Their performances were amazing. Among them, Blue Impulse’s maneuver acrobatics were spectacular. MA320104

     Blue Impulse is the aerobatic demonstration team of Japan Air Self-Defense Force formed in 1960. It’s said that the pilots of Blue Impulse are elite. Admittedly we really enjoyed seeing their breathtaking performances.

I wish the beautiful planes and the pilots’ skills won’t be used for wars…

Broken Blossoms: Yellow Face


bb7      What I saw at the class yesterday after the Cheat was Broken Blossoms. Broken Blossoms is an American film released in 1919.

     The movie has a significant feature. It’s that a white actor plays a Chinese man with thick “Yellow Face” makeup.

     “Yellow Face” means that the white actors play roles of Asian people with makeup in movies. It was an institutional racism in Hollywood and had continued until the 1960s. bb4

     In 1910s white people were afraid of the growing number of immigrants especially from Asia because of the fear of losing jobs and wealth by them. The fear had increased since Japan defeated Russia in Russo-Japanese War in 1904-05.

     “Yellow Face” can be said that it has its roots in the fear for Asian people. And it’s a kind of discrimination called “Yellow peril”. bb1

     Broken Blossoms is a tragic love story between a Chinese man and a white girl. The Chinese man was played by a white actor named Richard Barthelmess.

     He was a quite good-looking and didn’t look like a Chinese man with the makeup at all. But it must have been a taboo that Asian people and white people loved especially Asian men and white women those days. That’ why, someone white had to play the Chinese man for the film. richardsmoke

     Besides, there were no Asian actors except Sessue Hayakawa in Hollywood at that time. And no one must have wanted to see any unknown Asian actors at the theater. It was necessary for movie productions to let a famous popular star such Barthelmess play a role of Asian man for high box-office profits.

                                       Broken Blossoms

     A Chinese young man named Cheng Huan has a kind of missionary to teach Buddha’s teaching of peace to Westerners. He goes to England and tries to engage in mission work, but it’s difficult to achieve his mission for him. He gets addicted to opium and starts to live in Chinatown as a shopkeeper.

     He often sees a white girl from his shop window and has little passions to her. The girl is abused by her step father, who is a boxer, and lives in horror. One day she is hit by the step father terribly and runs away from home to Cheng Huan’s shop and faint there. bb2

     Cheng Huan looks after her gently, naming her “White Blossom”. Both of them have a wonderful time. For Cheng, he has his dream girl in his house, and for the girl, she is gently taken care and relaxing, escaping her step father’s violence.

     But such a happy time doesn’t continue long. The girl’s step father finds out where she is and takes her home forcefully. He hits the girl so hard and kills her finally. Cheng Huan comes to the girl’s house and finds her. But it’s too late. The girl is dead. He shoots her father dead. He takes the girl’s dead body to his shop and commits suicide.

     I haven’t been to China and probably learn about the country by reading and seeing images on TV and movies. Perhaps it was the same for most American people in 1910s. The scene of the film is Chinatown in London. There many poor foreign people are wriggling. Most of them are opiomaniacs. Many of them are gambling and fighting violently. Some white women are there, but all of them are prostitutes. 

     The main character of the young Chinese man is kind, but many audiences could have dark images for Chinatown. Many American people could learn many things through the movie. Chinatown is dangerous, you shouldn’t get involved with foreigners, especially Asians, Asian men and white women never get together, you should have a proper family and so on. It’s the same as the Cheat.

     Anyway the movie was interesting because I was able to learn the trends in the U.S. in 1910s, especially “Yellow Face”. I hadn’t known about the rule of Hollywood until I took the class.