The Crazy Karaoke Party


crazy kara 1

     I had a really wonderful time together with my friends last Saturday night! We had a karaoke party at Isona, owned by a friend of mine, between Ikeshiata and Imaike.

     There were 18 people at the party. We started the party at six o’clock in the evening and had it for two and half hours. crazy kara 3

     When we all sat at the table, many foods were served: tori-no-kara-age or fried chicken, dashi-maki or rolled egg, grilled corn, eda-mame or boiled green soy beans, sato-imo or boiled aroid potatoes, vegetable salad, hamburgers, and zo-sui or rice with egg and vegetable soup. crazy kara 2

     A special helper was in the kitchen that day. It seems that he used to work for certain famous Japanese restaurant as a cook. That’s why all dishes were excellent.

     For a while we enjoyed chatting over delicious food and drink. Then a crazy time began…every one song the participants’ feels uplifted. At the very beginning, all the people were sitting, but most of them were standing and dancing toward the end of the party.

     Most of the participants experienced the bubble economy. (Oops! That will date me!) The atmosphere helped us all get back to where we once belonged! That is, we were really excited! crazy kara 4

     One of the participants said by email next day, “That was the first time that I was so excited after the 21th century has begun!” Another one said, “Please do not put the pictures on your web site.” Yeah, exactly he went bananas…

     Anyway I enjoyed myself at the party. Most of the participants told me that they expected to be held the next party soon! Well…when shall we have it?


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