The Tai Chi Seminar in Okazaki



     Because September 23rd is Autumnal Equinox Day, last Tuesday was a holiday. There was a seminar of Japan Health Taijiquan Association Aichi Branch at Okazaki Chuo Sogo Koen Park Gymnasium in Okazaki that day.

     In the seminar, Mr. Yang, the head of the association, came from Tokyo and gave a lecture about the Basic Five Articles. HI351918

    The Basic Five Articles are:

1. You don’t look down.
2. Your tips of your fingers, nose, and toes put the same direction.
3. You move on your lumbar spine as the center of axle. One of your hands leads your action when you go ahead, and one of your feet leads when you go backward.
4. You move the shoulders when you make your arms up and down. You move the hip when you turn the left and right. You bend forward at the hip joint.
5. You don’t put center of gravity over the both legs evenly. You put it over one leg or the other. HI351924

     Hmmm…I’ve heard about those many times…Yes, I understand the words. But I haven’t realized the real meanings. It’s difficult for me to do practically. According to the lecturer, you may not realize all the tai chi by the age of 80…Oh…

     By the way, the lecturer introduced an interesting thing at the beginning the seminar. People are divided into two main categories: Yang and Yin. If you’re interested in new things and in food, and your voice is loud, you are probably Yang type. Those are always energetic. But those often have physical problems, stomachache, stiff shoulders, knee pain, and headache and so on. HI351925

     What? All of the characters and symptoms are true of me! He kept on talking. If you are Yang type and have those problems, it may be that the flow of your energy has been disrupted. So you have to release the old extra energy.

     So he recommended taking some kakkonto for those people. Kakkonto is a Chinese medicine and well-known for cold in Japan. But it is too strong for elderly and/or sick people. And you shouldn’t take it if you’re thin and tired. After coming back from the seminar, I took some kakkonto. Amazing! I’m feeling better!


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