The Design History of Wedgwood for 250 years



     Last Saturday I went to Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture to see an exhibition of Wedgwood. There is a museum named the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu there. HI351889

     “The Design History of Wedgwood for 250 years” has been held for celebrating Wedgwood’s 250th anniversary and it has 250 items.  2

     Wedgwood is known for its jasperware, which is a kind of stoneware with beautiful colors and Greek and Roman taste medallions, especially its blue and white ware.

     Jasperware doesn’t look like Japanese crockery and ceramic ware at all. It looks like a kind of plaster work or stone work. I think most of Japanese pottery has elevated the beauty of utility to the realm of art, Jasperware, however, has pursued its beauty as decoration.

     Wedgwood, of course, has made not only 1jasperware, but also many kinds of ceramic wares. They made many royal families in Britain and even the Russian empress Ekaterina II presents of their works. That’s why the exhibits have noble atmosphere.  HI351890

     They also have tried to take in Japanese taste. I saw some of those works at the exhibition, but I thought they were completely out of touch with Japan. But for me the perception gap between I as Japanese and non-Japanese designers of Wedgwood is really interesting.

     The Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu is located on top of a mountain in Tajimi and the view from the museum is wonderful, and it has other interesting establishments as well. Why don’t you drop by it once?


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